Why I Don’t Get Christians

I have a friend who is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host who does a show on what he calls what is right and what is wrong, not what is right and left

He is a very educated man with a Doctorate in Religious studies from Yale.  He was pastor of one of the largest Methodist churches in the country and has recently turned Catholic.

I was listening to his show the other night and he was talking about Tiger Woods infidelity and referenced his (Tigers)  proclaimed Buddhist beliefs.

He then completely dismisses Buddhism by claiming that the Buddha abandoned his family (supporting your family is one of Buddhisms core beliefs) and just like that, to him Buddhism couldn’t be credible.

This is a man who should know better.  I don’t have a PhD in religious studies but even I know that:

A: His Family was well provided for in his absence

B: He left to find enlightenment (following the Hindu Faith) and once he gained said enlightenment he realized he didn’t have to give up so many things to become enlightened ( The story of the Bo Tree) and returned to his family and and they all became Buddhists, including his son.

For a man who calls himself fair and enlightened I find this to be highly sanctimonious.

But this is typical of Christians even though it is rather un-christlike.

Mohandas Gandhi I think said it best “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

What is this doing on an adult blog?  Well it’s MY adult blog and I felt I needed to say it, doesn’t hurt anyone to get a little enlightenment…..now if we could only enlighten the “Christians”

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Why I Don’t Get Christians

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  1. In a sense, didn’t Jesus leave his family by knowingly getting himself executed at age 32? Just a thought.

  2. I like your comment about Christianity. Lots of Christians are pompous and hypocritical, especially about sex and the adult film industry. Jesus was accepting of all and said that the only requirement to go to heaven is to accept him as your Lord and Savior (on whatever terms work for you). I think Jesus would have been more accepting of the adult industry than the Democrats and the “Christian Right” are. I consider myself a Christian, but as an adult industry supporter and free speech advocate, I like Gandhi’s comment and agree with it 100 per cent.

    Remember, being in the adult industry does not set you on course for “eternal damnation” like so many preachers would lead you to believe! You can accept Christ (or Buddha, Gandhi, Mouhammad, etc.) on your terms if you want to, or you can not do so — and I am glad that God (or whatever being you believe created us) gave us that choice. We should all be more accepting like He was, as I attempt to be of all human beings. I always try to remember that in Christianity even Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin had the option to go to heaven (and may be there right now). I have my beliefs, you have yours — we will see who is right when we pass on (although I wish it wasn’t that way and everyone would go to a “heaven” upon his passing — but that isn’t supposedly so). I see more humanity and moral decency in Peter Acworth and Mike South in how they live their lives and treat their fellow man and employees/talent than I have seen in James Falwell, Jimmy Swaggart, Michael Tilton and Pat Robertson’s tirades about it being “my way or Hell”! I do have a soft spot for Billy Graham, as he seems to at least practice what he preaches (even if I disagree with half of it).

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