Who The *&^$%@# Is Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson supports abortion rights, gay unions and legalized pot. And he’s probably running for president.

Ok you read that and though, ya he has about a snowballs chance in hell.

That’s what they said when he ran for Governor of new Mexico back in the 90’s…He won, and he kept winning until he was term limited out.

Oh ya did I tell you he is a Republican?

From a salon.com article on Johnson

“It’s never been a consideration that I would enlist the services of a prostitute, myself personally,” he says. “But if I were to do that, where would I want to enlist that service? Well, it would probably be in Nevada, where it’s legal, because it would be safe.”

When’s the last time Mitt Romney engaged in a hypothetical like that? But Johnson doesn’t even blink. It’s not like this is the only topic on which he risks offending the GOP’s base. He also favors legalizing pot, supports abortion rights, and opposes the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Oh, and he doesn’t go to church. “I don’t think you’ll ever hear me invoking God in anything I do,” he tells me.

When asked about Arizona’s new immigration law:

“I just don’t think it’s going to work,” he says. “I think it’ s going to lead to racial profiling. I don’t how you determine one individual from another — is it color of skin? — as to whether one is an American citizen or the other is an illegal immigrant.”

Johnson favors an expansive guest worker program and is uncomfortable with the idea of mass deportations. What about the idea of increasing security by means of a border wall?

“I have never been supportive of the wall,” he replied. “A 10-foot wall [just] requires an 11-foot ladder.”

On Marijuana:

“I have always seen this as a gigantic issue, when you consider what we spend on law enforcement and the prisons,” he says. “The fact that we are arresting 1.8 million people a year — and to what end? We have had virtually no effect on this in decades of pursuing current policy. I don’t know why we can’t accept marijuana use similar to alcohol.”

On the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan:

“our security is not being threatened” in either Iraq or Afghanistan. In fact, he argues, America’ s “actions have actually had a reverse impact on our security. We have made enemies out of tens of millions of individuals that maybe we wouldn’ t have made otherwise.”

As Governor of New Mexico he garnered the nickname “Governor No” because he vetoed over 750 bills, a total that exceeds that of all his predecessors combined.

Is this a guy I could vote for? You Betcha….He had me at “I don’t think you’ll ever hear me invoking God in anything I do”.

If the Republicans had more guys like Gary Johnson and Ron Paul,we would really have change we could believe in.

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Who The *&^$%@# Is Gary Johnson

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  1. That’s a Republican I’d be comfortable with in office. I’m also comfortable with the moderate Republican we have in the Presidency right now.

  2. Sounds like the kind of guy who needs to be in office. Too bad the religious nuts in the GOP will never allow him to get close to a nomination.

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