Who Makes The Rules

Years ago I remember watching a televised interview with Charles Manson, the interview was conducted by Geraldo Rivera.  In the interview Geraldo makes a mention that Charlie couldn’t do something because it is “against the rules”

Charlie launches into a tirade asking Geraldo who he thinks makes the rules, then he answers his own question and says in rather colorful language that he makes the rules.

Geraldo questions this notion and Charlie illustrates his point by telling Geraldo that he can pick up the metal chair that he is sitting on and beat Geraldo over the head with it and kill him.

Then he says “and there will be a new rule.”

Now you may be laughing at this notion.

But let us fast forward to 9/11 and then on to the guy who tried to put a bomb in his shoe. Now fast forward to 12/25/2009.  Everyone is talking about new rules, and as I write this Obama, our President is about to go on TV and tell us about the new rules.

This whole notion of a “war on terror” is ignorant, and whomever dreamed it up is a moron, a war on terror is a war we will lose BY DEFINITION.  You can’t win a war against terror.  You can win a war against terrorists, but that isn’t what we are fighting, according to the definition of this war. but I guess a war on terrorists isn’t politically correct enough.

What these terrorists are doing is searching for holes in our system that they can exploit and you can bet your ass that while we are strip searching people on airplanes they are going to hit us someplace else.

You cannot be completely safe in anything that you do, ever. When someone is willing to die to take your life only opportunity and preparedness will save you, not “prevention”. On 12/25 one passenger, sitting opposite the terrorist, climbed over passengers, went across the aisle and tried to restrain the man, who officials say was trying to ignite an explosive device.

It is becoming more and more apparent to me that the real front line doesn’t lie in counting on the government to protect us, the real front line is the government allowing us the freedom to protect ourselves. I’m open to exploring the idea of allowing people with concealed carry permits to carry on a plane.  Had this been the case and had I been sitting next to this moron I’d have saved the government a pile of money, all they would have needed to buy is a casket for him, or better yet give him the ultimate insult to a muslim, feed him to pigs, saving the money on that casket.

So now we are going to have to go through even more inconveniences, just to travel someplace, and the very large majority of us are good law abiding peaceful folks who simply want to do business, visit friends and relatives, or take our kids to Disney World. We won’t be one bit safer  but we will be more inconvenienced, more humiliated and more isolated.

And while we have our pants down around our ankles while going through airport security the next attack is on a train, or a boat, or a grocery store, where does it end?  It ends with Americans who, like that guy on the plane are ready and willing and able to say…

“Enough is enough”

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Who Makes The Rules

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  1. Depend on ourselves for protection rather than the government? I’m not sure, as a society, we are willing to do that anymore. Sad.

  2. Didnt you study what happens when you fire a gun and possibly go thru the guy and then thru the wall on the pressurized cabin?

  3. Mike: You are on a roll with new posts. The Janet Mason post was excellent, as was this. And I got a real charge out of the pornchicks post. Keep up the good work.

  4. what if the guy had decided to just go to the bathroom and detonate int there? what good will a handful of passengers with guns on their person do to stop him unless they knew he was wearing magic pants to begin with? the intelligence was there. the dissemination of that info was the problem and all we need to do is iron out those issues. i’m more inclined to having secret sky marshals on every flight than having everyone on board with a gun.

    terrorizing is a tactic. those f*ckers simply want us to overreact. if we do they win.

  5. Tony:
    The notion that a bullet hole in a plane will cause rapid decompression is a Hollywood myth….even a bunch of holes through the skin wouldnt cause a problem.

    there are other potential problems such as a bullet taking out wiring or something like that but it would be easily solved by only allowing certain types of bullets or loadsto be carried aboard, probably a certification course as well.

    I agree but had this guy detonated his bomb in the lavatory he wouldnt have done much damage, the key to his success would have been his seat number, he was right on top of the main fuel tank.

    Personally I think they have already caused us to over react and I think there is a very real possibility that it is intentional, diverting attention to air safety the way they are is the perfect ruse to hit hard elsewhere. Personally I am big on not depending on government for my own safety. I think the wack a mole strategy we are using now is just never going to work.

  6. lol! that was the same counter argument i read from the blog i ripped that theory off of. everyone’s thinking and saying the same sh*t now…LOL!

    i can’t remember who it was that said if someone simply handed these people an electric guitar and a pin-up poster of raquel welsh as a cavewoman that just might cool them off a little bit. well sh*t porn and music seems to mellow me out so maybe there’s some truth to that.

  7. Where was the air marshall on this flight, anyway? I thought there was an undercover cop with a gun and special training on every flight (that is what the media claims, anyway). Also, I wish there were smilies here.

  8. well now days its a playstation 3 with guitar hero and a pinup of Betty Paige but hey that works for me too so I say give it a try….Playstations are a lot cheaper than imaging devices….of course I guess they’d need TVs too…where does it end?

    Just wait till Iran gets nukes…..

  9. Fear is an incredible motivator to entice people to voluntarily choose to give up their own freedoms, under the delusion that the source of the fear will suddenly go away. It’s like a gypsy curse, it only has the power the victim gives it. In no way do I intend to downplay the lives that were actually lost, but even with airline terrorist attacks, it’s still safer to fly than drive, so why don’t we crack down on DUIs as hard as we are on airline travel? I’m guessing it is because most of us can justify, or relate to, the actions of the drunk down the street, much better than we can to the foreign terrorist. The drunk down the street, who drives the Escalade, scares me a hell of a lot more than I’d be if I were on a flight with a terrorist and Mike South holding a Glock! At the pace we’re going, in a few years we’ll show up at the airport, they will inject us with a sedative, and we’ll wake up at our destinations…although, that might not be so bad really.

    I remember watching Geraldo’s interview with Manson when it was first broadcast. If you paid attention and were intelligent enough to follow the conversation (not meant as an insult)…Manson made Geraldo look like an idiot. It seems to me the version I watched later had been seriously edited as compared to that first live broadcast. Not defending Manson, but it’s a great example of what fear can do. Only a handful of people died, but his followers left some horrific crime scenes. He wasn’t at the two major crime scenes, yet when he showed up at trial with a swastika carved into his head, he forever scared the world into believing he physically WAS the Devil. Yes, Sharon Tate was pregnant and they wrote stuff on the walls in blood…but Dahmer ATE CHILDREN, and he didn’t have a fraction of the impact on us psychologically that Manson did. Manson knew how to use pain/pleasure to control behavior…and it’s the greatest weapon the terrorists have against us today…the pain of living in constant fear.

    Next time I fly, you can be damn sure I’ll be wearing a stainless steel cock ring. Might as well have some fun watching people over react to an emotion other than fear for a change.

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