Two Weeks In Dayton

Its been almost 2 weeks now and I have been sick since arriving, butt I still had fun.  The Bells Palsy is close to gone now, life has returned to relatively normal and I realize again how many good friends I have here in Buckeye Country.

I leave tomorrow morning to return to Atlanta and already look forward to coming back here.

I do want to thank every one of you who sent me kind wishes and get well soons, it does mean a lot.  I still can’t agree with those who claim that sharing it all was brave, I did it simply because I write about my life here, I don’t have secrets, if it happens you read about it and to me this was important because like other things that have happened to me I figure it may happen to one of you, and if you remember and think hey South had this and he got through it OK…..well I’m happy I could be of some help…makes it positive in that it helped someone.

Thanks Y’all

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Two Weeks In Dayton

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  1. I am glad that it is just about gone. Hopefully the residual symptoms will be gone very soon and you can get back to riding your bike! Also, you aren’t missing the snow that falls in Ohio every winter by much, I am sure you will be glad you missed that.

  2. “..if you remember and think hey South had this and he got through it OK…..well I’m happy I could be of some help.”

    So if you ever get syphilis, people….

  3. Yes, Goddess syphilis is treatable, but I don’t recall Mike ever saying he had that. His line of work is a bit more risky in that regard than mine was, but so is a surgeon’s. Luckily syphilis is not all that common anymore, so I doubt he will ever experience that disease — even if he fucks every peeler (and tapes it so he can put it on his site) from Dayton to Atlanta!

  4. I can honestly say I have never contracted syphilis or anything else as a result of this biz, in my life I was exposed to an std once…it was chlamydia, I did the drugs as a precaution and that was that dont even know if I got it.

    But I don’t generally dabble in the LA Talent pool I shoot in a much more closed loop and I have my own testing procedures and I am comfy with them as they seem to be working.

  5. Great to hear that the bells paulsy is clearing up so fast for you. And all your modesty aside, it takes a pretty big nut sack to put yourself out there like you did.

    When are we gonna see some fishin’ pictures?

  6. Don’t know of anyone in my family that has had an STD — however my father was team-driving a semi truck with another guy and his driving partner convinced him that it was OK to give a female hitchhiker (I know, it was in the late 60’s) a ride to wherever they were going. Of course this driving partner didn’t know that you don’t fuck strange hitchhikers (he was even warned by my father about STD’s before he had a chance to fuck her, his response was that he would only get blow jobs from her). Long story short, this driving partner fucks her anyway and ends up with what was known then as “snotty dick” (probably gonorrhea). Luckily my father had an old prescription for penicillin from a sore throat in his knapsack, so this guy took it and was cured (as far as my father knows) without an embarrassing doc’s visit. Of course now STD’s are the least of someone’s worries when picking up hitchhikers!

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