Truth and Beauty

Truth and Beauty or Happiness ?

Giving up truth and beauty is the price for human happiness. – Mustapha Mond, World Controller

In the war for humanity’s soul, human beings must first be made to suffer. In our struggle against the ever increasing social complexities, we accept whatever numbing or simplifying crumb is dolled from the tables of those who command. Our senses dulled, we bathe ourselves in artificial lights, so that we stop seeing the magnificence of the star filled night sky. And we stare at digital screens, blinding ourselves to the symphony of colors from the setting sun, which used to sing us to sleep. Without a difference between day and night, we toil on, deprived of sleep. The only justification for this sacrifice of beauty is the lie we tell ourselves, that we’re building a better tomorrow. Ugliness is synonymous with progress, but we choose to believe somehow technology will bring about a paradisaical life, free from pain.

When society turns its back on the elegant awe of creation, then hideousness enters our minds and destroys our yearning for truth. The truth often can hurt, whereas beauty soothes; yet simultaneously beauty is truth and truth is beauty. It can be said therefore, that beauty and truth are born from the same womb. Fraternal twins, the one nourishes the soul and the other liberates. Once beauty and truth are eliminated from humanity’s mind, then all that rests is depression and desperation. Sadly, this is where the power hungry play their manipulative mind games.

In Aldous Huxley’s novel, “Brave New World,” Mustapha Mond can be considered a paradoxical character. On one hand he’s an independent thinking scientist, who reads the bible and Shakespeare. On the other hand, he censors ideas and opinions. because humanity is controlled with dopamine infused happiness and the stability of a predictable collective. Individual expression and attempts at mental copulation with others are treated as cancerous, to be eradicated from society. Freedom of speech is a quest to for truth. Something which to all totalitarian societies, fictional or real; is an enemy that must be killed.

Beware the promise of happiness

“I am not proud, but I am happy; and happiness blinds, I think, more than pride.”Alexandre Dumas

None of the above is controversial or revelatory. It can be argued that it’s philosophical or maybe poetic. Regardless, it’s the non-refutable pathway towards peace. Genuine progress is living for those moments of beauty and truth. Instead we make sacrifices to attain the artificial constructs or man-made creations that we convince ourselves we need. Humanity is the only species where individuals define themselves by material wealth and paper certificates, they won from expensive institutions. You’re a social elite if you own a private jet or have a PHD from a prestigious university. Sadly, you can own a fleet of jets and have multiple accolades, but still be a feckless power hungry asshole, who’s only real talent is to destroy hope while offering false promises of a Utopian tomorrow.

Hopefully in 2023 more people will unplug their computerized gadgets and ignore the background noise of the scheming politicians and their media allies. Atheist or religious, it’s time for our species to sit quietly and let the wonderment of creation’s beauty heal our souls. We need priorities focused on positive human experience, not mass accumulations. Let truth replace our drug dependencies and other addictions. Ignore the evil liars, con artists and megalomaniacs. Accept the fact, that children’s play is more melodious than Hip Hop’s top stars. And that a kindness shown to a homeless stray (animal or human) has done more to make the world a better place, than every politician and diplomat combined.

You can’t build a utopia, but you can make your corner of the world, just a little bit nicer. Perspective is a personal decision. You can chose to marvel at a feild of wildflowers in bloom, the twinkling brightness of fresh fallen snow, or the comforting aroma of freshly baked bread. Or, you can let yourself be hypnotized by the engine drone and passing street lights on your commute to work, try to find something to make you laugh or smile watching stupid memes or just get more miserable listening to the rantings of the elites. Will you chose beauty and truth or ugliness and despair ? – Both your life and humanity’s path are in your hands…

Happy Holidays and prayers that 2023 be the year we walk away from the hell we’re creating.

Hamilton Steele








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Truth and Beauty

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