Tim Lassiter Shows His Colors

He emailed me, blasting Jeff Mullen and praising scumbags that I will NEVER give good press to on this site.  When I replied and told him so here is his response.

“As for scumbags, there is not a single guy in porn who ain’t in it to exploit dumb chicks and fuck ’em. So cares cares about documentation, every video that has ever come out of the SFV is documentation of a long list of dirtbags. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.”

That says more about Tim Lassiter than I ever could…..right from his own mouth.

See that’s the fucking problem with porn, we have way way too many douchebags like this in the biz.  I bet if we cleaned them out we’d prosper…lets start with him….

32990cookie-checkTim Lassiter Shows His Colors

Tim Lassiter Shows His Colors

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3 Responses

  1. I am glad that you are willing to say what you feel whether it makes you sound good or not (and your comment applied to you would make you look much scummier than you seem), I don’t agree that porn directors are necessarily looking to “exploit dumb chicks and fuck ’em”. Although this may be true with some people, I believe that most porn directors/producers at least somewhat care for the talent and want to make them look their best. Also, some porn talent are intelligent and want to use the business as a springboard to bigger and better things, whether that is using proceeds to pay for a college education or to create his/her own porn empire ala Jenna Jameson or Jesse Jane. Whether that is a minority or not, I don’t know — but not all talent is exploited and fucked (literally and figuratively) by all of their directors/producers. Examples of companies that treat their talent well are Kink.com (most of their talent like to be beaten and tied up and enjoy it, but otherwise they are upfront and fair to their talent) and Adam and Eve (maybe too well there — look at Bree Olsen). In fact, my example of the ditiziest, dummest chick on the face of the earth isn’t even in porn — she is the former American Idol contestant Kellie Pickler. To hear her talk is annoying and she sounds like she doesn’t have a brain in her head, and I have a feeling that she would be easy to fuck over (figuratively)!

  2. Allow me to correct my prior comment — I am responding to Tim Lassiter’s comment. I accidently made it sound like I was referring to Mike’s comments.

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