The Wedding and the Storm

I guess I’ll be the first to congratulate here Tim and Felicia on their wonderful and unique nuptials that took place on Sunday.  For those who were there, the afternoon has already passed into legend.  Southwestern Ohio experienced the most amazing weather event that many of us have ever lived through.  The remains of Hurricane Ike blew through here Sunday afternoon and there are still hundreds of thousands in Ohio without power.  Tim referred to the storm as Hurricane Felicia!!

The view of what was happening outside from the inside as the “blessed event” took place was a contrast of amazing visual images.  The happy couple spoke their vows and made their committment to each other, as pieces of the building were tearing away and large pieces of timber were flying through the air.  That and the sound of hurricane force winds in Ohio of all places made for a most interesting afternoon.

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The Wedding and the Storm

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  1. It was a beautiful wedding. Felicia looked great and a ton of ‘interesting’ people showed up. Mike South was best man and gave a great speech. Tim Case is a very lucky and good man.

    And, Lisa Sparxxx was part of the wedding and looked absolutely great and was a lot of fun to talk with.

    Thanks to all for talking with Amanda.

    Worst wind storm ever and just got back on-line around 3:05 on Thursday!

    Congrats to Felicia and Tim!


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