The Slaughter of the Turkeys

In case anyone missed the most amazing political interview in recent memory, let me recap the moment.  The recently defeated Veep candidate for the Republican ticket, Sarah Palin, who seems to be in the news an awful lot for the loser of a National election, has provided those of us with a sardonic sense of humor as well as the cable news media what is literally as well as figuratively . . . raw meat.

In her role of Governor of the State of Alaska, she went to a local turkey farm and granted a pardon to a randomly selected turkey, and read a proclamation  with all the whereas and wherefores to spare the life of the said bird.  After the fact she went outside to give a long interview about the state of politics and business and the “hard core” facts of Alaskan life.

The entire interview was taped and given in front of the actual killing zone for the not-so-lucky turkeys, and while she was holding forth a grinning character who reminded me of Ernest T. Bass from the Andy Griffith show played to the camera as well as he fed the turkeys upside down into the “funnel of death” and proceeded to chop their heads off, one after another.  Just behind the”Guv” was a long tub full of blood and gore and turkey heads as she smiled for the camera.

As I have often said, the most imaginative writers of fiction as well as screen writers just could not make this stuff up.

So . . . Happy Thanksgiving to the readers of Mike’s place to rant and rave and hopefully laugh at the reality of life just before we cry.

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The Slaughter of the Turkeys

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