The Hearing On The Condom law

You can listen to it here

its an hour an ten minutes long

Ty to lurking reader for getting me the audio

here is a Readers Digest Transcription By LurkingReader…damn that was quick
just now

now that we know how it turned out here’s the quick (phonetic) version from notes…appreciate spelling corrections and names for a couple blanks if they are given.

hearing Opened at 1;33pm with Chairperson Gatto noting numerous public participants and offering ground rules for those who might not be familiar with the process. be concise, don’t repeat, repeats will be cut off.

Hall: AB1576 aligns state law with existing Cal/OSHA
falls below the fiscal threshold of this commitee
fiscal cost vs medical costs
opposition refuted by policy

???? for AHF:
fiscal analysis, gives compliance tools to cal/osha

PRO Speakers…..
Cameron Adams:
did what i was told, 28 day testing,
high turnover, girls like her taken advantage of
(there was audible outrage during comments)
California paying for my meds, over half a million $ multiplied by others diagnosed last year is over 2.4 million$

Rod Daily:
Eight years condom and testing
condoms work no other STD’s

Jessie Rodgers:
started day after turned 18, worked for 18 months till g/g scene injury, herpes

Adam Cohen: Researcher not in the industry
64%, 1 in 3 despite testing, 1 in 4 reinfected

Stuart Johnson: Cal Med ???? “in support”

CON Speakers:

Cost of bill understated, requires development of new protocols by CDPH, annual update. DIR legal costs
(porn) leaving & will leave California if bill passes
conflict mixing sex worker/prostitute for legal purposes performer is not
company’s average 15-20 employees
20-25 $mill to Nevada
Forced Consent, DIR, violates other health codes
legal problems ..don’t be swayed with emotional arguments.

Lorelie Lee:
14 yr performer, petition with 500+ signatures, APAC
testing system developed over a decade by performers no HIV for nearly a decade
protocols, to meet 14 day we get tested 10-14 days (lists panel)
ELISA vs Antigen test, window
performers better able to react than the government
performers hold producers responsible, outside protocol, refuse to work w/ them
condoms designed for 10 minute use vs 2 hours
Condom rash, more susceptible in personal lives where condoms not used.
Johns Hopkins Report, data is deeply flawed
Privacy – forced medical info share
bill wouldnt increase condom use, 95% reduction of permits, illegal shooting.

Ira Garden:
film editor 50+ years, 39 in California, Adult & Mainstream
3 children in business, more respect in adult
offered three jobs this week, Tennessee, Atlanta
travel issues, family destruction
thousands vs hundreds leaving, money going out (vs into Cal)
store owners & families
Novice opportunity, entry level, learning, adult to mainstream..(loss)
declined using speech someone offered to write, been thinking about this,Ira Alcoholic

Stuart ???:
San Fernando Valey, 6 billion $
Caterer, Gaffer, Grip (ancillary services)
concern about jobs, $ to economy, San Fernando Valley
Bill in search of a problem
no HIV nationwide in 10 years
personal lives stopped at the door
test case in LA County w/ Measure B, industry suing County, constitutionality, condom portion
95% drop in permit fees, 450k loss in one year
25 mill chatsworth company to Vegas
other studios say they will go, Hustler, Vivid, Brazzers, Reality Kings
industry being wooed by other states, living wage jobs
PASS overseen by FSC, medical advisory group, performers have input, Vetted clinic, vigorous list of tests, avail/not, green = they took & cleared test, red x = don’t know, costs a lot to put in place, volunteering doctors, hundreds of thousands to millions $ to state

bill has legal issues, neither performers or others consulted, paternalistic bill harms, constitutional infirmity, privacy, liability on business in California, Privacy breech, forced consent added two days ago

Amber Chase
educated myself (before entering industry) vacinated Hep B & A non avail for C, meningitis, guardasil detrimental to my health
BA in Art History, BS in ?? both with minors, Masters, Public ?
funding mandate, $ priority re services
(re:)studio/producer pay for test, I cant pay for others tests, film couples who don’t use condoms in personal life,

James ???: forced consent

Ray Ritchie: performer not prostitute, will be a law student, prohibition doesnt work, Volstead Act, Safe consensual sex, economic havoc, devastation to HIV prevention efforts (cut off due to long line)


Joshua ????
11 year videographer, we are not employees, work for seven different companies, moving isnt an option, son 1st cello, if bill passes uhaul only beneficiary

Emme Clair:
Performer, ??? @ St James Infirmary
waste of resources, constitutional

??????? : violate privacy

Matresse Madeline: condom rash

Jesse Bell:

ArielX : Bill is a trojan horse,


Mev: will lose job


Young: formed LLC, will leave and lose job

Jizz Lee:

Tamara: 20 year call resident

Parrish 20 year cal resident

Alex Chance: Forced Consent, PPE not specified

Maurice: invasion of privacy, performer swap (affected, they are business too)

Jason Frasier:

Paul Chandler: (lose) best tech

Peter Murphy:
Plumber, (loss of customer base)

note: no context to comments suggested, parentheses are reflect recalled this must be near book length will continue with Committee comments separately.

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The Hearing On The Condom law

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17 Responses

  1. @Mikesouth

    You’re welcome for audio, the digest version is hand notes…part two will be from the panel and committee member portion. Hopefully I’ll get to a part three without getting side tracked on FSC reaction…sorry that’s some plain bullshit.

  2. part two….

    Finance Committee Report: no position

    Questions from Panel:

    bill changes relationship between employee/employer, IC,
    language, forced consent, violates privacy, how to address

    Mark McGrath (AHF attorney)
    misreading bill, only if they had test if they consent, not what test says

    Donnolly: still have concerns about entire idea of government being involved, industry policing itself

    Hall: not IC vs employee, they are employee

    Donnolly, performer 12 companies, invite to opposition to speak

    Cameron Bay: Kink paid, travel, wardrobe….

    ????? (Lorelie Lee): IC majority

    Bigelow: help me understand testing, class a drivers license, requires medical affidavit every two years, what makes this any different? Point is this already exists.

    Met with Hall, cant support bill, financial
    out & underground, 2004 good evidence
    flawed study re Chlamydia (Gonorrhea), inflated # infected

    enforcement ?, OSHA only has two inspectors for Airport Deaths

    ?????????????? responded
    failure to support cal/osha, cal/osha already enforcing under BBP,
    this makes it easier to document compliance,
    complaint driven process, Triage

    Gatto: is this a candidate for Suspense

    ????? responded
    Bill carefully written

    Bradford: who holds documentation

    clinic holds records, refers to PASS

    look at this (committee) as a fiscal vs policy committee
    candidate for suspense
    support bill fiscal vs policy (aspect)

    ? for AHF, last year you represented it as noncontroversial bill

    AHF…(interupts) are you talking about this bill?

    Gatto: (to AHF)
    tax benefit, non profit, no sales tax, (was) political lobby spending w/i scope of non-profit
    AHF: not sure

    analysis, no position on bill

    ???? closes

    Vote called (and provided else where)

  3. PART THREE: Overall impression without revisiting audio:

    No real surprises from either side as they each tighten up their arguments and positions for the final game of the season at the Assembly. The Full Assembly vote begins the play offs with actual legal vs emotional game play as the losing side will dust off their plan of appeal for pursuit through the courts.

    Recalling performer excitement in late 2007 over the 1998 HIV worker comp case, it seems appropriate to point out that even if AB1576 passes the full California Assembly things won’t change overnight.

    Both sides are currently waiting an appellate decision, yet either way it goes it wont stop the losing side from litigating AB1576. That litigation will come into play as Cal/OSHA draft 5193 makes it way through its process and that will also be litigated.

  4. Haven’t read Kernes write up yet…thinking I might skip it with tweet announcing “Appropriations Committee Ignores Performers: Passes AB1576”

    Being a policy queen I’m gonna spout off on this as one of the greatest distortions I heard today. These distortions aren’t nearly as amusing as the opposition missing the obvious bonus balls thrown at them by Chair Gatto and panel member Donnolly.

    After listening very closely to 50 minutes of public comment that included six pro and 28 con I was more than a little shocked to hear Donnolly allowed by the chair to present verbatim opposition statements posed as questions and defeated with AHF (McGrath) response. Losing that play Donnolly tried again with new questions (ahem commentary & verbatim opposition statements) calling for an opposition speaker to solidify his commentary…surprised then absolutely amused when Cameron Bay snatched the ball out of air and ran a home run for her side. Now obviously tenacious Donnoly doesn’t quit while he’s ahead adding more commentary and again is defeated by Hall and calls again for opposition speaker whose response was previously defeated by Hall and doesn’t make a first down.

    Without the visual my take is that what happened today is just another example why ten years later the industry has neither compromised or developed self-regulation that will appease the society they live in.

    I’ve been in Lorelie Lees position before…in the role of spokesperson I got tossed a ball too and automatically expected those guiding me to grab it since they knew what they were doing and I didn’t….our panel supporter wasn’t as tenacious as Donnolly so I wasn’t in the position of missing the first down after so many attempted passes. In our celebratory wrap up the organization I was working with boosted my courage and prepared me for the next round, explaining that my role was much more important than I’d anticipated and to be effective I not only needed to know how to read my prepared comments but respond on point to any question raised related to them with respect the segment I represented.

    Now with the repeated “performer” statements theme the opposition had going today…I’m gonna say Duke, Tynan, the Burbank lawyer with a seven story building and whoever offered to write up a speech for ITA Garden…all fell down on the job preparing APAC (performer) spokesperson Lorelie for the role she was placed in and expect that she will be more prepared when the Assembly hearing comes up.

  5. @Lurk,
    Free speech. What a great concept. I too would like to know which member of the industry panel offered to write the statement for the little old confused man.

    And regarding some of the comments on another site about my past role with the AHF. Perhaps people who were associated with AIM(board members) should have a talk with Mitch about my role with AHF, which I discussed at length with Mitch several times before taking any action, and my discussions with two FSC lawyers regarding what I could legally disclose and not disclose. And seeing as how this former AIM BOD member seems to be relying on the old leaked emails for his information I can assure him that NOT all of the emails were leaked. And since this BOD member appears to be in communication with the person who leaked the emails perhaps he could as the little guy to see the ones that werent leaked, and then see what comments he comes up with.

    And a few final question for that BOD member,who by the way, is completely correct in his analysis of the piss poor battle being waged by his side of the debate(whichever side that is this week, seeing as how he has been on both sides for a long time);

    1. Where is my fucking money?
    2. Who ran up that AIM credit card in Belize?
    3. How many $20,000 dollar checks did AIM bounce to me over the years, How many $25,000 dollar checks did AIM bounce, and how many $30,000 and $35,000 dollar checks were bounced.
    (of course it will be pretty hard for him to answer these questions seeing as how ALL of AIMs records were, “willfully and maliciously” destroyed.

    Perhaps I should release the emails that the hackers didnt,,,,,and maybe my emails with AIM over the years,,yeah, wouldnt that be interesting. PS. mr BOD AIM member,,,how many AIM employees were fired for embezzlment over the years? I remember discussing the hundreds of thousands of dollars of performer money that was never paid to my company with a certain person very close to the issue asking me, “What are you going to do about it?” Payback is a bitch, isnt it.

  6. LOL,,,thank you Lacey. I was just asking some simple questions, whats wrong with that? And theres more Lacey, lots more. But I still want to know, Where is my fucking money?

  7. @jilted

    Free speech is a great concept!

    Despite understanding how it would and did piss you off to be the subject of yet another smear article without seeing it I’m at a loss to make heads or tails of the story/events you’re referring to.

    I’m from Jersey, we don’t get pissed we get even as evidenced by my swift reaction to an attempt to smear me with figments of an imagination presented as reality. Can’t take it personal when it’s your turn to be the necessary named target in agendas that rise to vitriolic levels, except when it is personal and then ya gotta hit back…holding yer punch is no way to make sure they get your intended message.

    Who is the former AIM BOD member and by all means start posting not only the unposted emails but billing records to show how AIM ripped off its providers. Do tell about the Belize trip…20k had to buy some vacation pics, tourist trinkets and at least one or two great stories 😉

  8. @jilted

    Let’s play…where’s my money like its where’s Waldo or I spy…up nose? On back? Pissed away? Then out the damn deadbeat already!

  9. @ Jilted
    Good work up in Sacramento. Too bad Rob Black didn’t go up there
    and rat on everybody about all the shit that’s been going down over the years. Ernest Greene used to sit on the board too at AIM?
    What’s his beef with you and or AIM? By the way why didn’t some of
    porn A list people go up this time around? Like a bunch of D list people I never heard of and MoReese? Looks like a fucking cry baby!
    Thanks Jilted (Tim)

  10. Like a lot of the Female talent right now have been saying and will still say, GET RID OF THE FUCKING ESCORTING AND ESCORTS. Its going to come back on the floor about the Scumbag licensed Agents having them go out and escort along with the “boys” from LA Fagget Models,spreading diseases acquired from the outside.
    YOU CANNOT CATCH STD’S from performing in porn. It is brought to the industry by talent having sex with untested and unprotected “johns” and clients. Rid of the LATATA NOW or get rid of the Queen pimp at FSC “the Duke”. You all failed.

  11. @Jaime,
    Performers CAN and DO catch stds from performing in porn. STD’s are in the porn population right now, TODAY there are performers with stds, working with other performers. EVERY SINGLE DAY performers test positive for stds,,,every single day!!! Every single day performers with stds work with other performers,
    How do you figure that you cannot catch stds from performing in porn? How can having multiple unprotected partners, each of whom has had multiple unprotected partners not lead to std’s? The industry’s own testing system contains all the proof you need that stds are RAMPANT inside the industry, regarless of what people do outside the industry.

    Jaime, when that performer gets an std from an escorting gig, what does that performer do,,,,,,they then go to a porn set the next day with that std and have unprotected sex,,,,how do you figure they CANNOT CATCH stds when having unprotected sex with a person who has an std

    And there are also alot of escort companies that are saying,,,”Get rid of the pornstar escorts, the porn star escorts are a danger to the escort industry, the pornstars bring stds into the escort business.

  12. Just an observation,
    What is ‘Choice’ Right now the industry opposes condoms, saying the performers should make the choice,,,,but as we all know, it is the PRODUCER who makes that choice for the performer. The choice in the industry is :dont use condoms, or dont work.

    It funny, the governent wants to make the choice for you, “Use condomes or dont work” where as the choice offered by the producers is, “No condoms or dont work” One is for financial reasons, the other for health reasons. Dont confuse the two motives. The industry cannot claim that the choice they offer is for the healtcare benefit of performers.

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