The Girlfriend Experience

I was avoiding watching this but when two of my friends told me I had to watch it because the main character Chelsea, IS Kayden Kross I acquiesced.

Indeed as I watch it I saw Kayden,  certainly the Kayden I have seen on display numerous times when in the company of others.

But that quickly gave way to my interest in the movie.  Everyone pretty much bashed Sasha Grey in this flick but as I was watching it I started to think, what would have made this movie good?

Truth is Sasha wasn’t bad in the movie she just simply needed direction and she desperately needed something to make her character interesting and simply put, neither was there.  There was NO character development in any of the characters, no story arc, no character arcs not even any discernable plot points.

Sasha looked good, she didn’t look like a porn girl, she had a youthful innocence that even had a certain appeal to it.  I wanted to know something about this character, but it never developed.  I asked myself why would Soderburg do this? It was poorly edited, abysmally written and lacked any artistic direction whatsoever.

Then it came to me, he didn’t care. “The Girlfriend Experience” was nothing more than a simple marketing gimmick, he didn’t care about the movie or anyone in it, only the hype surrounding it. He got a non porn looking pornchick and cast her in the lead and simply cashed in on the PR circus that surrounded it.

Damn shame, the story had potential, Sasha Grey had potential but nobody put anything into it save for the bare minimum and everyone blamed the pornchick’s acting skills because it sucked….well guess what?  It would have sucked if he had put Meryl Streep in it.  Acting couldn’t have saved that poorly written, poorly directed, poorly edited waste of celluloid.

Sasha deserves the recognition she is getting for cross over performer. If Soderburg had been an artist instead of a money grubbing con man “The Girlfriend Experience” could have been something special. Sasha was robbed.

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The Girlfriend Experience

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  1. Actually it was done by soderburgs art film production company.He makes these small movies as experiments.He is rich he doesnt have to money grub.Also a marketing gimmick it made $5 dollars in the movies lol It would be better stated as an experiment that failed.

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