The Destruction of males

The modern era is causing the destruction of males.

World wide, testosterone levels and sperm count are falling and it’s no less than the destruction of males. Sperm counts have been reduced by 50% in the last 50 years and subsequently rates of male infertility have drastically increased. Meanwhile, in the last 20 years, testicular cancer has doubled. There is a growing body of evidence that shows there is something wrong with the health of men and we must ask, « Why ? »

The current scientific speculation is that certain industrial produced chemicals are interfering with the male hormonal system and are wreaking havoc with masculine development, causing the destruction of males. It was approximately 70 years ago that synthetic products started entering our normal every day lives. Today there are more than 90 thousand synthetic compounds have been fabricated and the overwhelming majority of them have never been tested for their effects on human beings. Unfortunately, the worst of these chemicals are found in almost all consumer products.

Today’s society is aware of the effect of Bisphenol A, the compound that makes plastic hard and unbreakable. It was a common ingredient of many baby bottles, food packaging and dental materials. Studies have shown that the long term exposure to BPA, is linked to both testes and prostate carcinoma, cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases, obesity, diabetes and… infertility in men. But for years what many men happily drank their early morning coffee from their plastic mug oblivious to the fact that were also ingesting this disease causing estrogenic toxin.

Chemicals, such as BPA, are in our cosmetics, our laundry softeners and even make our laptops fire resistant. There are many different kinds of synthetic compounds and they’re omnipresent part of modern life. However, they’re causing permanent damage to growing children and for reasons we don’t fully understand, they’re far more damaging to boys than to girls.

Why isn’t this destruction of males being publicized ?

Every boy should be allowed to live up to his own innate biological potential. However, modern society is robbing that from them. Quite literally, most of our young male children will never grow up to be even « half » the man that his father was. By the time a child is college age, a typical young man produces less than 50% of the sperm that his dad does. Furthermore up to 85% of his semen is abnormal.

Researchers of fertility in Rochester NY are tracking the crisis in the quality and quantity of sperm and they’ve gone on record saying that the change is both sudden and dramatic. Recruiting sperm donors has become difficult citing that in the 1990s of the young men who applied, at least 80% of them were accepted. Whereas today, that number has dropped to a low of 20%.

The World Health Organization’s standards for classifying a man as infertile have moved progressively downwards. In the 1970s it was 60 million spermatozoids per milliliter ; then it was moved down to 40 million per ml and as of 2008 it was 20 million per ml, in 2020 this number was further reduced to 15 million per ml. The reason being is that when a man has a semen analysis done, politics won’t permit the scientific community to classify too many males as being abnormal, and technically, given previous standards, infertile.

A conspiracy theorist might claim that there’s an unseen war being waged against males.

Unfortunately, conspiracies are easily negated as the product of uninformed people with overactive imaginations. But what’s not in doubt, is that our ruling class would enormously benefit from a world with far less virile males. Because, historically, it’s always been men who have have taken the lead in both questioning and rising up against injustices and tyranny ; men represent 97% of the deaths in any conflict. No one in their right mind can dispute that the male sex has disproportionately sacrificed their lives to protect humanity’s most innocent and vulnerable.

In the myth of Pandora’s Box, Pandora gave in to her insatiable curiosity and opened a box she was warned to never open. In so doing, she released all the ills and hardships that humans would forever now have to endure. Fortunately for us, she managed to close the box before «  hopelessness » emerged. Her brave effort to slap shut the box is why, even in our darkest moments in history, hope continues to light our way. Perhaps the most abundant source of that hope has been men, driven by testosterone to anger and act when faced with challenges, injustices, and impossibilities.

So what kind of world are we making, without these heroes ? – Obviously, one where the monsters and hardships are beginning to overwhelm us. So maybe it’s time that women, like Pandora, stand and face the tyranny that has attacked their fathers, brothers, husbands and sons, closing the lid on hopelessness in the defense of men. Because this time we’re the ones that need rescuing… We’re not going to win this fight without women helping us.

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//Author’s note:  While researching this subject, several inquires were met with abusive and threatening responses.   So, it appears that there are some influential individuals who are actively seeking the destruction of males.







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The Destruction of males

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