Dealing with Disinformation

The Disinformation board is Our Ministry of Truth

It’s official, we have arrived in the Orwellian times we were warned about in the novel 1984; Biden’s Disinformation Board is our Ministry of Truth. All the noise about disinformation / misinformation is just the establishment garnering support for state certified censorship and propaganda. Their first lie is having our bests interests at heart; no one becomes a politician because of a inner need to do charity work. If this disinformation board was being promoted in Russia, or Iran, they would be denouncing it as an authoritarian state trying to amass mind control over its citizens. But in America we fight for freedoms, we battle for those who can’t, surely such tyranny could not be happening here ?! That our government could overrule our constitution and it’s amendments is simply unthinkable. But we must think, because they are counting on us to let them do the thinking for us. Their domination of the mindless masses who cling to ignorance, convinces them of their own superiority. But these elites fear the voices of descent, those outspoken free-thinkers among us that challenge their narrative and lustful pursuit of absolute authority. In a bid to silence us indefinitely, they label us bigots, evil phobics who threaten the American way of life. The public acquiescence to such immature name calling and finger pointing proves Orwell’s prophetic proclamation that “Ignorance is Strength”.

Freedom of speech is the freedom to think for yourself.

The porn industry has never had a shortage of educated people. Albeit, low IQs also abound; actually we’re a fantastic cross section of society, collecting people both poorly and highly educated, pampered and disadvantaged. The first amendment, Freedom of Speech, is the very life blood that allows us to create pornographic content and sell it. So anyone who depends on the adult business for a paycheck should be vehemently opposed to this Disinformation Board. Supporting state sanctioned censorship isn’t shooting yourself in the foot… It’s committing suicide.

Unfortunately, not everyone who makes their money from porn actually produces it. These tech gurus who peddle the asses of cam performers and take a percentage of every digital transaction we make, seem to uniformly believe the creation of a Disinformation Board is a positive thing. They, themselves pursuant of power and dominance, enable the algorithms to control our lives. University doesn’t teach you to think, it teaches conformity. Regardless of field of study, it’s all about rewarding (with good grades), students who adhere to official orthodoxy, while punishing (with bad grades) those who don’t do as they were instructed.

As the reputed derelicts of society, pornographers and talent are often assumed to be ineducable, intellectually challenged and desperate. Which may be true for some, but what really unifies us is a sense that the opinions of others be damned, we choose our own path. So being villainized by the establishment is ineffectual to those of us whose sexual depravity is openly documented. Which explains why those who hide behind the fashionable titles of webmaster, technical expert or entrepreneur can take supporting the Disinformation Board so lightly. Despite their education, they fail to understand the warnings of 1984, unlike those of us who have had to face, head on, the ramifications of the choices we make and even decisions made on our behalf. – (A 1970s porn actress once said to me, “Don’t trust anyone in porn who doesn’t fuck or hold a camera” and it’s looking she was right)

“Orthodoxy means not thinking–not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.”

This same book-smarts versus street-smarts paradox was evident during Covid. While the government’s Official Science ordered the world’s citizens to be fearful, and that questioning the promoted scientific doctrine was either suicidal or murderous, our doctors, politicians and media pushed a single narrative. The more unified the message was, the more those lacking advanced education became distrustful and questioned it. Today, there’s a growing body of mathematical evidence suggesting that the overwhelming vast majority of the world’s population was never in any serious danger from the C19 virus. Henceforth, proving that the grunt workers of society, even many of the most illiterate, were right. At this point, the Disinformation Board is only supported by those whose power base it fortifies and the willfully ignorant.

American author Michael Hopf best explained this phenomena. “Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.” Those among us who have overcome hardship are strong, independent and contribute to the next generation. But if that generation lives without facing any real challenges or conquering any of his own hardships, he becomes weak. The more weak members in a society, the less productive it is, the worse the times. Far from suggesting that poverty is a guarantee to make one stronger; only those who rise above adversity are strengthened by it. Unfortunately, this means that a robust social net fosters an apathetic lower class. While the well-to-do’s breed self-righteous elitism that sees the less fortunate through the presumptuous lens of their own sheltered existence.

In regards to the uneducated, high school drops outs must develop a different life skills. Their competencies do not involve a regurgitation of textbooks, or even a head for numbers, but out of the box thinking, questioning what they are told and a healthy distrust of authority, because naivety can make their situation worse. To them, in the most basic sense, a Disinformation Board means that they must accept state doctrine without question, and that’s just something, they have never learned to do. For those of them who are financially dependent upon the adult industry, the equation is simple to understand. Censorship of them means they can’t buy food, and if the government can shut up one person then it can silence everyone, especially an industry it loathes.

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Dealing with Disinformation

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