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Blacklist people in porn who support censorship

The fact that there are people in porn who support censorship isn’t surprising, because there’s a lot of dimwitted people today. However, what is annoying is that there hasn’t been a universal industry blacklisting of those who earn a living from porn while they support censorship. It wasn’t that long ago that producing or profiting from porn was highly illegal and the FBI arrested everyone they could. The porn in those days was tame by today’s standards and only available in certain parts of the country through porn theaters or sex shops located in seedy districts. It took committed fighters of censorship, those willing to risk everything and even go to jail to defend, (earn) our right to decide what we want to watch.

There is no excuse for a feeble mind

A mind needs to workout which is done by reading and learning new skills. Just like the rest of the body, when a brain is feed poor nutrition (ie: social media, cable news, Netflix shows and Hollywood movies) and doesn’t regularly workout, by reading and learning new skills, it becomes unhealthy and flabby. An unhealthy mind means that you stop thinking for yourself and let other people tell you what to believe. You become a gullible fool that’s easily manipulated by both propaganda and misinformation. If you support censorship, it won’t make you smarter or even protect you; it’s just going to make things worse. – Understand that just as it’s not Pringles’ responsibility (or fault) for someone’s obesity, it’s similarly not Twitter’s responsibility (or fault), when chose to poison yourself with the asinine crap that’s posted. Everything boils down to your own responsibility. You can’t censor so-called misinformation, because that let’s someone else decide what is or isn’t good for you to know, and that act gives unfathomable power to the propagandist.

Blacklisting is not Censorship

On an adult industry forum, there were far too many people supporting Twitter’s censoring of some politician. For the record, my opinion of all politicians is that they’re the lowest class of whore. You know the kind that takes your money and gives you nothing in return, then when you complain, their pimp (police) will beat the hell out of you. Freedom of speech is not just the ability to say whatever you want to say, it’s the ability to expose injustice. In other words, it’s like the security camera that exposes a racist police officer shooting a black man at a traffic stop. So despite that I loath narcissistic political prostitutes, I will viciously defend their right to speak, because one day I might need someone to verbally defend me. Without the right to speak, anyone in power can abuse or kill you and no one will be able to say anything against them. To support censorship is therefore akin to supporting murder, or whatever other vile atrocity they can think of.

I have often heard the lame ass excuse that freedom of speech isn’t actually free because no one can yell “fire” in a crowded movie theater. This is a low IQ argument. Freedom of speech has never been freedom from being responsible for your own actions. Someone needlessly yelling “fire” in a crowded room is going to have to deal with possible punishment. Additionally, it’s not censorship when we disavow something because it’s creation infringes upon the rights of another, as with child porn and snuff films. Just as you can’t be abused or murdered to silence your right to speak, neither can anyone harm another in the name of free speech. These are the two most popular arguments for supporting censorship and it’s what allows propaganda a foothold in the feeble minds. The heart of all propaganda is an objective to convince the masses to surrender their rights because the people in power are acting for the good of others.

Twitter is a private company, and if the year was 2001, one could easily argue, that it’s within its rights to censor anyone they wish. Unfortunately, the problem is far more nuanced. Big tech’s relationship with government is extremely well documented and available for scrutiny. Suffice it to summarize that they’re quid-pro-quo arrangements in which these large Internet platforms aid government with its agenda and in return they receive numerous benefits. A good example is that while all politicians openly agree with activist groups that we need a better system to tax the rich, secretly companies such as Facebook and Google will always enjoy numerous loopholes because their closeness to those same authorities. When you support censorship, you add to this continuance of social inequalities, as taxation isn’t the only way things are stacked against your average Joe.

Blacklisting isn’t a form of censorship, it’s exercising our God given right to decide what we wish to pay attention to. Like porn, no one is forcing anyone to watch it, but it’s available for those that do. Furthermore, everyone has the right to do what they want with their money. The best way to blacklist is not shunning, but to pull your money away from the purveyors of that which you disagree. Therefore we’re all within our rights to blacklist anyone who will support censorship.










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