Thanks for the Mammaries

I just wanted to thank Lindsey Lovehands for using my Flamingo Showclub office as her private dressing room this past week. Seeing her standing buck naked in my office was about as close to a religious experience as I’ve been since I saw the Joe Jackson Band perform at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles in March 2003. 

Lindsey is a beautiful lady with a beautiful personality, and we were happy to have her dancing here in Dayton, Ohio. (That Italian guy she was with was cool, too. ) 

26770cookie-checkThanks for the Mammaries

Thanks for the Mammaries

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  1. Tim you are so SWEET…I LOVE you and Felicia…you made me feel so comfortable and welcome…can’t wait to see you guys again. tell Harley, Starr, Autumn and the gang “hello” and give Fifi a big sloppy wet kiss from ME…

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