O.K. a few of y’all need to learn to read, the editorial yesterday wasn’t mine.  people who have permission to post articles here may do so without my moderation, I like to have opinions other than my own to keep it from being boring.

One thing I noticed is when something is here that you support you are all gung ho about it but when the free speech crosses to something you dont like you feel it should be censored….sorry doesnt work that way here because it doesnt work that way for me.

ignoring a popular opinion doesnt cause it to go away what you should do is read it and learn from it….

all that said I have been outdoors and on the ocean a bit lately  this photo is out at “The ledge” which is the edge of the continental shelf around the Gulf of Mexico.  The phenomenon is a tornado over water…it’s commonly called a “waterspout”




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  1. You spend a lot of time and energy on establishing and building upon your reputation as someone who is credible and earnest. When you post something that you are not sure about, you call it out. And it’s your moniker across that web browser address bar. when someone posts “research” that is chock full of pseudo-facts and , I’d like to have a little better warning that it wasn’t you writing it. It certainly had me tearing back up to find the byline to ascertain what I had hoped would be true. Whew! Not Mike. Giving someone a forum for it, fine. I think it had an ugly undercurrent which made any discussion it might provoke pointless, but I respect your commitment to free speech. But if I had just arrived on this site for the first time, because I had typed on the address bar, that wouldn’t be the post I would want to come up with no context for perspective.about your commitment to free speech.

  2. Great catch on that pic!

    Over on the lower left clouds look almost like a bird or plane 😉

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