Steve Driver Autopsy Results Delayed

Why? Because they are waiting for the results of his toxicology tests. All the latest reports said he didn’t really want to kill anyone in particular he just wanted to kill.


OK So what would surprise you that they might find in his toxicology test? If yer like me your first thought was, I’d be most surprised if they didn’t find ANYTHING.

If they look for everything what do you think they will find? Viagra/Cialis/Levitra/Caverject etc…OH ya. Steroids? Bet yer ass they are all the rage with the porn meat puppets these days. Coke, Meth, Heroin, Oxys, Vics, prolly one or more of the above.

The big question is: If they did a brain scan would they even find one?

38170cookie-checkSteve Driver Autopsy Results Delayed

Steve Driver Autopsy Results Delayed

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7 Responses

  1. @MikeSouth1226 If numb nuts Steve Driver is the biggest news going on in porn valley right now, they need to find something better to do.

  2. I hear that steroids cause incidents such as this. Steroids can cause severe aggression in those that abuse them, enough to kill in some cases! I too would be surprised if the tox screen came out negative (not on the dick meds though — they usually don’t test for those). I predict that Steve’s blood will be at least 9.5 per cent steroids by volume (jk).

  3. He had no money to live but would have money to buy steroids? I have known huge guys that were large steroid users and some of the most mellow people I knew.

  4. hey roids affect people differently but someone with a predisposition for violent behavior (he had one) shouldnt be on them (and theres no proof yet he was…but it wouldnt surprise me.)

    Point is he shouldnt have been here in the first place.

  5. Every time someone in porn does something outrageous that makes the news, reporters always refer to them as “porn STAR”. I’ve never even heard of this guy, and I asked three or four other people–including one former porn vid reviewer and some porn director named Mike South–and none of them had heard of him either.

    So, reporters, the next time you write a story on a person who has made adult videos at some point in their life, look up the meaning of the word “STAR” before you use it in your headline to grab attention.

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