Some Serious Questions About This HIV Positive


Before I get to that though hows this for irony.  AVN was given the exclusive on Cameron Bay and I agreed to sit on the story until AVN broke it “in 30 minutes”  because my source asked me to…I was glad that Cameron was coming forward I dont care who breaks it.  So two hours later I am still sitting on it and the incompetent morons at AVN still haven’t run the story and XBiz scoops them….SMFH.

Anyway  the official story on xbiz has two glaring statements that bother me

The first is

“the performer known as Cameron Bay, an ATMLA performer, did receive notification from Cutting Edge Testing earlier today that her test from Tuesday had come back positive showing antibodies for HIV. He said that Bay retested Tuesday at CET after receiving a call from the lab in which she was informed that the test she took there on Monday was “contaminated.””

As a rule I have never ever ever had a lab release any info to me at all over the phone.  I even confirmed with my own Doctor that they NEVER do that. EVER.

But here’s the big one

“There is no 100 percent positive at this time other than the indication of HIV antibodies in the system. Any time they find that there is retesting and more retesting and more retesting.”

CET nor TTS does antibody testing for industry HIV tests, they do the PCR/DNA test which is a viral load test and does NOT test for antibodies. Now here’s the kicker…the confirmatory test that is used to confirm a positive PCR test IS an antibody test called the Western Blot

I get a feeling this story ain’t done yet….



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Some Serious Questions About This HIV Positive

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  1. Now everybody this is a very brave person. support then now.
    This could have been YOU ! So lets just help her out and don’t get all kiddy stupid. Its unforunate but everybody got to keep there cool and give the girl some DAMN support for a change.

  2. If the lab did indeed release a result that was positive for the hiv antibodies, then that means that a western blot confirmatory test was completed. No lab can legally release an HIV positive result before a western blot confirmation test is complete. And there is no way in hell the lab called the patient directly, also illegal. The lab would notify the physician, and the physician, or physicians staff, would notify the patient.

    PCR tests do not look for antibodies, but and antibody test is legally required to confirm a pcr result.

    This is the trype of misinformation you get when people who are cluelss on the subject open their mouths.

    And how the fuck can Dianne Duke say that it didnt happen on a set, less than 12 hours after the first case is announced, and not one single person on the contact list has been tested yet?

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