Should Cops Be Shot?

The local police department here is issuing tasers to all of the officers.  It is going to be required that each officer be shot with a taser in order to get one.  This is so the officer will feel empathy with the predator he shoots with it.

What are we going to do next? Shoot them before we issue them a gun?

Am I the only one who is about fed up with the touchy, feely, politically correct bullshit?

30570cookie-checkShould Cops Be Shot?

Should Cops Be Shot?

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  1. I don’t necessarily think they should be shot with them. I do, however, think they should be taught some restraint and the proper use of “less than lethal” force. I’ve personally witnessed police officers using Mace as a punitive weapon rather than in self defense. And we’ve all seen videos and read reports where tasers were used similarly. For some of these guys, the tasers and mace just gives them a better chance to be a bully, without all the paperwork of drawing their sidearm.

  2. OH… and trivia quiz of the day…
    1000 points to the first person who can tell the class what TASER stands for (yes, it’s an acronym)

  3. i had to get pepper sprayed to get my qualification letter back in the day I did law enforcement. never thought about objecting to it really. part of me wanted to know what it felt like to get my eyes shot from 10 ft away…lol don’t think i’d care to do it all over again though.

  4. I agree completely… I’m so fucking tired of all the touchy, feely, politically correct bullshit. I do tend to agree with Hunter too. The bully cop fucking loves tasers, pepper spray, billy clubs, etc… and will use them any time they think they can get away with it.

    There must be a real consequence in order to keep a bully in check. So, how’s this for an idea? Tasers, spray and similar, may be issued to an officer after proper training and instruction. However, IF that item is used in an unnecessary, bullying and/or overkill manor, the “victim” or their assignee, will be entitled to use the same item against the officer by two, along with a three month unpaid suspension or termination. This would be determined by witnesses, public sentiment as well as officer history and must be made public in both written and video formats.

    Fuck those Fucking Fuckers

  5. Kudos, Goddess !!! You’ve just won the lightning round! Yep, you’ll be taking home a year’s supply of lightning !!!

    Excellent idea, Frank. Accountability and consequences are the key. I hope nobody miscontrued my statement as “anti-law enforcement”. Most of the officers I know take their job very seriously and approach others respectfully. It’s the few bad apples (read cowards) that use the badge (and assorted weapons) to prove how tough they are.

  6. @MikeSouth1226 Hey Mike, just wanna say-You like a Cool Dude. Like it & noticed U. I’m not sure who u are in the US,but keep twit’n 4Us!

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