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To the entire community of Performers in the Adult Community. Over the past 15 months, we’ve had at least 4 separate HIV out breaks  With each disclosure comes  a lot of finger pointing, discussion across all social networks of “Oh my God, how could this happen” and empty halfhearted cries of change {which amounts to nothing}. Now let’s cut thru the bull shit shall we?

You {the performers} point fingers at people, organizations and anyone else that very clearly have no concern about you, your health or well being. Sure they blog, post, issue a press release or just plain bark about, nothing actually. At the end of the day, they have their own agendas to protect, and those agendas have very little to do with your health or well being.

You {the Performers} pour gasoline on a fire by ranting or spreading incorrect, false or misleading {intentional or otherwise} information across Twitter, Facebook and any other social network{who thrive on such ignorance} and enjoy  the increase  in potential advertisers or traffic {or both} your ranting brings. This heightens paranoia, ignorance and increases the likelihood that the important and vital information will never see the light of day.

Publicly Threaten change and privately want to know when it will end.

Now while all this finger pointing is going on, this organization is issuing “Moratoriums” First Generation people are being notified, blah, blah, blah, what’s really going on?

Simple, a portion of you, {the Performers} shrug, and continue business as normal, in some weird way you can justify to yourselves {and in your own minds, everyone else}why it’s ok for you  to ignore any common sense and simple respect for your fellow performers. Yet you hide when you do it, why?

Now let me ask you, the Performers a couple of questions:

For all these people, organizations, etc. that you point fingers at and expect to have your back, how many of them contracted HIV or any other sexually transmitted diseases?

How many of you stopped tweeting, blogging etc. long enough to turn a bare back private, defy Moratoriums, and engage in reckless drug use with complete disregard for anyone else s health or well being?

The truth is, each and every person inside this community knows at least one person that’s been doing everything listed above all the time all along ,  and those who contracted HIV  were  doing one or everything listed above at one time or another, and yet each one of you  {inside the community} turned a blind eye, looked the other way and just played stupid if it came up publicly, while privately {nonchalantly} expressing little or no surprise at what happened.

So as we begin 2014, I’d like to extend an open invitation to ALL performers, regardless of race, gender, color, sexual orientation and any other hang up we might have towards any individuals in this community:

If you want respect, give it

Take a step back and see how your actions may affect others.

Instead of giving excuses, look for solutions

Stop pointing fingers

Stop depending on anyone else to have your back

Stop tweeting, Blogging and any other form of communication about something wrong that someone else has done that you yourself are doing or contributing to.

And the next time a situation arises, {and they will arise} learn that we as a community can be more effective than me {anyone of you} on twitter running my mouth about something I know nothing about.

And remember for all the finger pointing, organizations, agents, pimps, experts and anyone else who gets thrown into the mix, this issue begins and ends with you, the performers. Period.

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Sherman Issues a Challenge

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19 Responses

  1. Its no secret that producers, agents, and directors could care less about the health and well being of the talent. But it is also true that the talent could care less about themselves. You cannot convince me that people who are wiling to put themselves and their fellow performers at so much risk are concerned for the wefare of themselves and others. If you are willing to have unprotected sex with multiple people, knwoing full well what you, and the people you are working with are doing, then dont try to tell me you are concerned for your health, or the health of the people you are willing to put at such high risk.

    Why should anyone else be blamed for anything when the talent themselves have no respect or regard for themselves or any one else. Dont tell me you care, then turn right around and put yourself and others at risk for deadly diseases.

    When the people who are actually getting and spreading the disease dont care, then why should anyone else?

  2. Who in the hell is Sherman?

    I think the biggest problem here is that there is no solution. The current elimination testing system is pretty much it at this point.

    It seems the current attitude is “If you’re worried about contracting STD’s, STI’s, HIV, HEP. or any of the other diseases out there then being in porn probably isn’t the best idea for you.”

    Most performers are going to freak out. It’s human nature. If someone tells you there is a chance you could now have HIV or even HEP. C, you’re going to freak out. It’s a pretty natural reaction….

    The consensus seems to be that the magic condom wand wouldn’t work and condoms could even break every so often so they’re fucking useless. Seat belts are useless too, but they keep wasting money putting them in cars… I don’t know why?

    What else is there besides bitching and whining about other people being so irresponsible and then lynch mobbing them after the fact?

    I realize this sounds ridiculous, but those are the sad facts at this point… meh.

  3. I honestly don’t think LA porn or the people that are part of LA porn are really relevant at all anymore. That includes the performers as well. All around this country, whether legal or not, people are producing porn, selling it, and making money doing it. The ones that I run into who aren’t able to succeed, well, they probably shouldn’t have been doing porn in the first place. I think porn has evolved itself right out of LA and all across this country and the globe. It might be a better idea to spend more and effort on a growing segment of porn and just let the tumor of LA consume itself once and for all. I could be wrong.

  4. Lacey I dont know if Sherman wants to be outed or not but he is very well known in the biz and is one of the first people in the biz I met and really liked. He has been around WAY longer than I have and has always been a good friend

  5. I don’t think you’re wrong. You summed it up pretty well.

    The fact is the “porn industry” is primarily considered a CA industry not a USA industry. The reason for this is pretty obvious. It’s a fucking nightmare to regulate. Self-regulating industries are pretty much non-existent at this point.

    This is also the main reason prostitution isn’t legal. The government could make a shitload of money taxing prostitutes. But, the risks are too great. How do you keep them safe? Once an epidemic pops up, the general public would have a big fucking hissy fit and then look at the government to do something… the government would then have a huge clusterfuck on their hands, as CA has at the moment, and it would be a complete nightmare.

    It seems even CA is pissed that they have a legal porn industry in the state even though it’s kind of based on a technically, but who wants to deal with an industry that’s, in a sense, almost self-destructive?

    Industries exist for a number of reasons, but one of the main reasons is across-the-board protection of industry workers. The porn industry offers absolutely 100% no protection. It’s been that way for years, but with the popularity of anal sex, dp, tp, fisting, squirting, ass-to-mouth and everything else imaginable the infection rates in the straight side of porn have increased substantially. But, they’ll still keep blaming the gay side and crossovers to keep convincing themselves they’re safe…

    The real question is what will happen once the CA industry is gone? Will other states then review their own laws regarding prostitution? (Since most don’t have “pornography” laws on the books or consider pornography and prostitution under the same laws.)

    It will be very interesting to see what other states decide to do…

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