Scuse The Outage

Apparently the server was hacked and we had to do a full restore, we also used the downtime for some server updates and such.

the sites and functionality will be returning as I get to each one. should be fully restored

Thanks for your payience!

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Scuse The Outage

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9 Responses

  1. Go Fuck GFY seems to have the same Arab language page up that this one did, their page lists about 100 sites that they evidently did this to. Whatever asshole is hacking porn sites needs to be drawn and quartered!

  2. Anyone interested in taking up donations for a plane ticket (plus expenses) to Saudi Arabia? I can leave in as little as 12 hours… *grin*

    Glad you’re back up and running, brother.


  3. I got the bullets Hunter but only use em if ya have to…I want that fucker to die a slow painful death.

    Oh and do me a favor will ya get that Bin Laden asshat while yer there….geez youd think they had the FSC lookin for that fucker…he is on dialysis he cant be that fucking hard to find…..

  4. Ya know, the cool thing about knowing where the kill zones are, is that you know how to MISS them. One small problem, though (well, other than the fact that I’ve never been in the middle east, don’t speak any of the languages, haven’t a clue about the customs, am way too white to blend in, not to mention I’m not exactly in prime condition for such a mission (read, TOO OLD and out of shape), I just found out that alcoholic beverages are prohibited in Saudi. That means we’ll have to schedule it so I can be back by happy hour

  5. Um, Hunter………….with you, ANY HOUR is Happy Hour! Oh, and don’t worry about bringing me back anything from Saudi, there’s nothing I want over there.

  6. Love the “happy hours” posts, Julie. But Lady H gets a monthly check from Mike to keep my off his site and off my cell phone after ONLY three Crown and cokes (or whatever my poison for the night). I’ll make you a deal… I won’t tell Doug about the arrangement if you won’t tell Lady H that they sell jewelry in Saudi

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