Sarah Palin and Debbie Leigh?

OK So McCain picks Sarah Palin as his running mate and she comes straight out of the box trying to appeal to Hillary voters.

Pardon me for making this observation but the ONLY thing these two women have in common is that they both have a penis, figuratively of course.

Sarah is an interesting choice she is hittable, she has a certain charisma and she is going to squelch Joe Biden.  While Biden is one hell of an attack dog and could absolutely SHRED her in the debates if she were a he, he won’t because she isn’t and if he does, it will make him look like a bully.

Palin is dangerous, she “LOOKS” and even sounds reasonable, she doesn’t fit the conservative “mold” but make no mistake about it, ideologically, this is Dick Cheney with a vagina. (yayaya I know I just contradicted myself.) But you guys get it.

So while McCain is getting accolades for “thinking outside the box”  the truth is all he did was suck up to the religious right by picking a candidate they can like even though she has a box, nothing “maverick” about that.

and have ya noticed how much she looks like Debbie Leigh?

debbieleigh1.jpg  sarah_palin.jpg debbieleigh2.jpg

22850cookie-checkSarah Palin and Debbie Leigh?

Sarah Palin and Debbie Leigh?

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3 Responses

  1. Could she be Debbie Leigh, Mike? We haven’t seen Debbie on your site for some time. Maybe when she went MIA, she ended up in Alaska and started popping out babies?

  2. I got home from Las Vegas having not seen the news for 2 weeks and I’m looking at the TV with no sound this morning and thought Teri Weigel was standing next to McCain. Put in a call to Murrill to find out before I realized. HA! TV before coffee!

  3. Now you just need to find some McCain, Obama and Biden look-a-likes and shoot the scene. Your tribute to American democracy.

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