Prince and Tom Petty were murdered, Another not so Noble Prince abuses his dogs and my life in general

I have gotten a lot of emails lately requesting that I write more often, seems I have shared most of the last twenty years of my life with you guys so you have an interest in how I am doing.  I appreciate that and I do have a lot to say so lets get to it.

I have a friend who is a guitar tech for several bands including Greenday, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and The Black Crows.  Shortly after Pettys death we were talking and he mentioned that they didn’t die from accidental overdoses, they were murdered.

You hear a lot about it these days, deaths from opioid overdoses, but are we getting the truth?  As my buddy said Do you think Prince didn’t know how many oxys he could safely take? or Tom Petty?

You see the government crackdown on opioids has created a vacuum, and nature abhors a vacuum, so does a free market.  Now  it takes quite a bit of expensive equipment and knowledge to make oxycodone or hydrocodone and the price averages around a dollar a milligram, thats ten bucks for a 10 milligram percoset.

Enter Fentaynl, Fentanyl on the other hand is pretty easy to make, and cheap and MUCH more powerful than Oxycodone or heroin.  Fentanyl is also an opioid and produces the same effects as hydrocodone, oxycodone or heroin, only you need MUCH MUCH smaller amounts.  The result is people are buying Fentanyl and bringing it in from China and Mexico they are byuying pill presses off the internet and producing fake Oxycodone, or (in Princes case) Hydrocodone that looks exactly like the real thing, same numbers, same size same shape and they are using these presses to create fake opioids that bring premium prices…..a pill press and 25 cents worth of Fentanyl can net you 10 bucks profit, or more, problem is if the fentanyl isnt measured very carefully (micrograms vs milligrams) that one single hydrocodone fake, will be equal to 20 or more real hydrocodone…..and Prince couldn’t tell the difference…..A 10 milligram percoset is 10 milligrams of oxycodone and 325 milligrams of acetominaphen aka Tylenol…and you can buy Tylenol in powdered form so the taste is even the same.  So when you hear about the Opioid deaths, understand they are more likely than not murders, committed by someone trying to make a quick buck.  Fentanyl is also used in Heroin to make it more profitable it isnt that these people are accidentally overdosing, its that they are being killed by fake pharmaceuticals.


I also don’t travel so much anymore except for trips to the beach so I decided to get a companion, after searching the pounds around Atlanta for a few months I found the perfect one, she is a one year old, mutt, mostly terrier, Black and white, she is very perceptive, obedient, fun loving and energetic.  I like rescues and wouldnt consider any other way of getting a dog,  She house broke in just 2 days and even though she loves to chase  other dogs, cats, squirrels, ducks, geese, she can be in a full run and if I call her name she stops immediately and comes back, so I dont have to keep her on a leash, if I tell her to stay close she does, if I say go get em, she knows she can run……I haven’t had a dog since I was a kid and Lola (my daughter named her) is the perfect dog for me, 20 lbs and perfectly good disposition.  All I have to do is look at her and she wags her tail enthusiastically…..

I am still cooperating with efforts to do in a certain company that I have been asked not to name, but yall know who it is.  Its better and more productive that I dont broadcast the current efforts anyway but thats one thing I wont give up on.  As for the rest of porn the business has eaten itself….I am glad to be out of it and wont recommend or help anyone get in anymore  I do help them to do it themselves….I miss guys like Ron Sullivan (Henri Pachard,) Bruce Seven, the guys that knew how to make quality porn and treated performers, and fans alike with respect.  Todays crop of so called Directors can’t use a camera in manual mode and think that its about them…the result is the dreck that has, along with stolen content, driven the industry to bankruptcy…They think their customers are young people…hello morons…young people dont buy porn, your biggest customer base is Baby Boomers…who have no interest in todays overacted homoerotic crap….As is shown by the fact that in the 1990s Porn Valley couldn’t keep up with demand and now even Evil Angel is selling only about 20 percent of what they used to…..

Anyway Im glad to be out, maybe I will write here a bit more often, but I am enjoying retirement, my new kid and my new dog.

To all of my readers over the years…a heart felt Thank You for allowing me into your lives, I am honored.

Thank You!

246090cookie-checkPrince and Tom Petty were murdered, Another not so Noble Prince abuses his dogs and my life in general

Prince and Tom Petty were murdered, Another not so Noble Prince abuses his dogs and my life in general

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  1. The good porn companies let the performers do their thing and make porn thats decent, Other companies like Brazzers, Bangbros, MOFos, make shitty porn with male pweformers that think the scene is about them or offscreen interviewers that don’t STFU or long setup scenes that take up more time then the onscreen sex. Then you have parody makers that forgot what they are actually making (a porno) and the sex in their movies is shitty (Axel Braun).

  2. I miss your articles, too, Mike. Your days as an investigative journalist may be over but a good story or two from your personal life (past or present) once or twice a month would be appreciated and interesting. Congrats on your daughter and I wish you both the best. Tell her to torture and kill some terrorists for me when she gets into the military and is sent to Iraq, Iran, Syria or wherever in the fucking Middle East. Just make sure she doesn’t get a picture taken of her torturing and punishing terrorists like Lyndee England did — one picture really fucked up her life due to our military needing a scapegoat (rather than simply saying that torture is a necessary part of war, saves thousands of American soldiers lives each year and to shut the fuck up about it — and restricting media from covering anything but US military propaganda — which we did during WWII — when it involves US involvement in war, that is the one subject where I believe the first amendment should be restricted heavily) when people find out that war involves torture and don’t like it. Lyndee should have received a medal and a lifetime pension for her service, not a prison sentence and God knows what tortures herself while in her prison hellhole.

    I hope I don’t come across as an ass due to things I don’t know but how is your mother doing? I remember that you were taking care of her for a while (and still may be).

  3. Hopping in late to add to the “I Miss You” dogpile. Also, the title of this article needs an Oxford Comma BADLY. I initially clicked on the story to find out how that “Princely” peformer abused your life.

  4. Mike you have to tell us the story about the dick that abuses his dogs. You can’t leave us hangin like that.

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