Pirates In China

Honorable Mike South

We get you velly nice website from honorable Korean Comrades at KDCADL. They say Herro.

We write to you with grand news.

We here in Glorious country of China have done what no round eye ever do. We bring together brockbuster Horrywood movie and porn movie. In glorious city of Xiamen in China we have amusement park with wonderful “Pirates of Carribean – Curse of Brack Pearl” ride I enclose picture for your esteemed readers.

Crick Rink for big picture

You notice photo in middle to right of stairs? That not round eye Johnny Depp, that bronde round eye porn star Jesse Jane.

In China we take best parts of both movies and make epic movie. You can buy in market for fifty cents but it not come with cover.

We rike Pirates of all kind.

Tell round eye Jewn we have much more good pless for him if he send picture of Aderra titties we know he have from Frash mountain ride. He keep in his drawer, our operatives from KDCADL tell us this so we know it true.

Next time you come Shanghai you tell us, we take you for best General Tsos Chicken in all of world.

Zai jian

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Pirates In China

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  1. I bet they don’t understand that THEY ARE STEALING from “Jewn”. I would like to steal about 500 pounds of General Tso’s porn from them and get away with it! Unfortunately if I did that, they would put me in a political prisoner camp and five Chinese bubbas would tear my organs out and sell them to their hospital. It is ridiculous that someone can steal a movie and sell it for less than a bottle of Diet Coke!!!!!

  2. yes but look at great publicity round eye Jewn and Digital Prayground get from it…not to mention I get to practice my Chinese accent

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