Pink Visuals Follows Suit, Sort Of

Pink Visuals announced today that they would give anyone with a .gov email address a free two week trial subscription, provided they use it ONLY after work hours.

We here at like Pink Visuals and we are pleased that they chose to take us up on our challenge…sort of.

But…we feel they missed the point, we need them to occupy their time with porn DURING the hours they should be working,  That prevents them from doing more harm to the taxpayers.  Keep them busy watching porn and they won’t be thinking up new ways to tax us, impede us, make criminals out of us and generally fuck things up.

Please reconsider and let’s do a public service here, make it free during work hours, that’s when we need them to stay out of our lives the most.

36350cookie-checkPink Visuals Follows Suit, Sort Of

Pink Visuals Follows Suit, Sort Of

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4 Responses

  1. This is Great! It would be even better if some one radio with a few million listeners would announce this offer in an effort to inform more government employees.

  2. If he did he’d never credit me with the idea…he never does….

    course I got the idea from Frank and didnt credit him til now….oh well better late than never

    Boortz dont love me like he used to

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