People “Shocked” U.S. DOJ Prosecutor Is A Pedofile

He is president of a youth sports association where girls as young as 4 can participate. The City Manager considered him a “pillar of the community” blah blah blah.

Would you fucking people look at reality just for a minute.

Where do you expect to find a pedofile? In an old folks home? Hanging out in the hood with his peeps? On and adult movie set?

No you are going to find them where they have access to (GASP) CHILDREN.

This doesn’t mean that anyone who works with kids is a pedofile, for years I coached youth hockey for example but I did it because I liked hockey and I like kids, but not in a sexual way, children aren’t sex objects and shouldn’t be sexualized not by a federal prosecutor and not by their parents in child beauty pageants, which are largely pedofiles of a different flavor.

And the thing is when people volunteer to work with these children nobody does any background investigation nobody thinks their motives may be less than altruistic, but they should.

Over and over you see it  pedofiles are people in positions of trust and or power, they are there in order to enable them to get to your children.  Don’t be stupid, you want to know who it is that is getting access to your children.

Can you Imagine the fun a federal prosecutor/pedofile is gong to have in federal prison?  The sad part is he will probably go to a minimum security prison. With a wrist slap. I mean you haven’t heard much about this outside the adult press or the local press where he lived or was arrested.

All because he is a “pillar of the community”

Atchison brought a Dora the Explorer doll, hoop earrings and petroleum jelly with him from Florida, the Detroit Free Press reported.”

Yup a real pillar of the community there.

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People “Shocked” U.S. DOJ Prosecutor Is A Pedofile

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  1. Hopefully, in prison he’ll find out what it’s like to get forcefully ass raped…without the benefit of the Dora the Explorer doll OR the petroleum jelly.

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