Otto Exposed

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DOB: 05/19/1981

Address: 6853 SW 89TH TER.,

MIAMI, FL 33156

(305) 662-6313

This guy actually posted 2257 info he stole from a site. He posted photo Ids even.

He has since renounced his association with PWL, You can hear it here

Props to Donnysgoingdown for that one.

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Otto Exposed

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8 Responses

  1. He has 646 comments and every one with Detroit spelled incorrectly. Not exactly a rocket scientist.

  2. Mike – can you post Donnie’s parents information please, and any family members.

    Also, please find out what country he is in. He will be easy to find.

  3. Some of these folks are digging some serious holes for themselves. Shit’s gonna fucking hit the fan and this non-compliance DMCA shit is going to sink Ecatel.

  4. ^^^ You want to talk DCMA? Sort his members list by post count. The top 8 posters are all pirates posting it the “Dump Your Gaygent” forum. They’ve got a combined 51,543 posts; each of them DCMA actionable, many of them featuring performers of questionable age, like that mmmmmmindaugus guy.

    PWLibrandi, by contrast, ranks 9th with a mere 3,048 posts. Donny himself is 13th with a paltry 1,215.

    More fun: Ran his user list through excel. As of this afternoon there were 76,507 total posts. (The stats on his home page are NOT reliable.) After eliminating all the known posters, there’s some 66,000 posts that DCMA actionable.

    Seems to me that an altruistic yet enterprising guy like Nate could make a world of difference and make himself some coin buy offering an industry-wide special on PWL DCMA services. Maybe a few of them get together on it.

  5. I actully talked to Nate about that last nite. But he only referenced the tube site. He says he’s already been looking into it.

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