One of My Models Arrested for Murder Damn….

I shot This girl for a while back she went by the name Sunny, she seemed nice enough, I woud never have expected she’d be involved in something like this.

Deputies: Georgia prostitute killed Pasco man

NEW PORT RICHEY – An admitted prostitute is accused of bludgeoning and stabbing to death the owner of a Hudson tattoo parlor after a videotaped sex party.

Amanda Logue, of Leesburg, Ga., was arrested Friday and was being extradited to Florida, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said. She is accused of killing Dennis “Scooter” Abrahamsen, 41, owner of Embellishing Tattoo & Piercing, 8516 State Road 52, Hudson.

She is accused of killing Abrahamsen, stealing his money and fleeing to Georgia, where she lived with her husband, the sheriff’s office said.

Sheriff’s office spokesman Kevin Doll said detectives arrested Logue, 28, on a warrant for murder in the first degree. She admitted to being a paid prostitute who serviced Abrahamsen on May 15, the sheriff’s office said.

Abrahamsen had been out of jail nine days when he was killed early May 16. His bloody body was found facedown on a massage table at his home in the Tanglewood East subdivision, Doll said. His head was bashed in, possibly with a sledge hammer, and he was stabbed in the back, Doll said.
About $6,000, a laptop computer, a video camera, a digital camera and a Home Depot credit card were missing from Abrahamsen’s home, a sheriff’s report said.

Detectives focused on Logue because a couple who had had videotaped sex with she and Abrahamsen the night of the killing said Logue was the only person left with Abrahamsen when they departed. The couple told detectives that Logue repeatedly sent text messages to a boyfriend while at Abrahamsen’s house.

During an interview with a Pasco detective at her Georgia home, Logue said her boyfriend, Jason Andrews, killed Abrahamsen. She said he entered the home after the couple they had sex with had left.
Pasco deputies retrieved cell phone messages between Logue and Andrews during a period when
Logue admitted being at Abrahamsen’s house.

“I’m so glad you’re really committed to this take,” Andrews wrote. “Keep eyes for a knife, etc for me!
Logue said she wanted to have sex “after we kill (sic)him.”

Andrews asked Logue if she had seen “the contents of the safe,” and she said no.

“You just get him relaxed and face down,” Andrews said, referring to a massage Logue was going to give Abrahamsen.

Logue later informed Andrews when she was starting the massage.

Rubber gloves that Logue said she wore were later found in a clothes hamper with the murder weapon, the sheriff’s office said.

“I own a lingerie and tanning store,” Logue wrote. I also host lingerie shows. I will do almost any photo shoot but no porno films. I am fun and energetic. I am looking for paid work.”

Doll said this morning that detectives had interviewed Andrews, a Chicago native, but no charges were filed. Andrews was arrested on a charge of petty theft in Largo on May 17; he had Abrahamsen’s Home Depot card with him at the time.

Doll said it is possible that detectives will speak with Andrews again.
Abrahamsen was no stranger to trouble.

He has owned numerous businesses in Pasco over the years, including Scooter’s Towing and Recovery. Sheriff’s officials said he was a repo man, but state records indicate that he was denied an application for licensure.

Abrahamsen was sentenced to five months, 29 days in jail on Feb. 25 for contempt of court. He was accused of violating a domestic violence injunction put in place in 2005. His former girlfriend, with whom he has children, had accused him of mentally and physically abusing her. He was released early May 7 after getting credit for time served, sheriff’s office spokesman Doug Tobin said.

Abrahamsen had several criminal convictions, and he also had been sued in Pasco Circuit Court numerous times in the past couple of decades. Since 1994, he had 30 actions filed against him involving restraining orders, a negligence suit and cases involving money owed.

But according to the tattoo studio’s MySpace page, Abrahamsen had a lot of friends, too. Customers,
employees and friends expressed shock over Abrahamsen’s death on the website.

“Utterly beside myself,” one poster wrote. “We love you.”

37820cookie-checkOne of My Models Arrested for Murder Damn….

One of My Models Arrested for Murder Damn….

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15 Responses

  1. Maybe she was just PMS’ing;)

    Gotta love how she doesn’t consider a bukkake a “porno film” though…lol!

  2. Just dawned on me….she won’t do PORN, but she’ll participate in a murder..ooooo k then.

    I guess she’s got her principles and she’s gonna stick to ’em, doggone it.

  3. This has to hit close to home for Mike. It is too bad these bad apples have to actually kill before we can gas or electrocute them. At least that is an option in Florida — here in Michigan the government is too chicken shit to even consider the death penalty! Thankfully Mike wasn’t killed the day she worked for him. Maybe if I volunteer they will let me flip the switch on this one. Second thought — let Mike shoot her as a representative of the porn community, firing squad style (they still do that in Utah).

  4. Logue said she wanted to have sex “after we kill (sic)him.”

    That’s some Chuck Manson shit, there… just, DAMN !

  5. Goddess
    May 29th, 2010 at 5:06 pm

    Maybe she was just PMS’ing;)

    Gotta love how she doesn’t consider a bukkake a “porno film” though…lol!

    … and GODDESS !!! Where HAVE you been? Missed your cutting wit, dear.

    Maybe the girl is a Bill Clinton fan.

  6. “This has to hit close to home for Mike.” Aww, come on, he’s probably trying to figure out right now how he can play this to his advantage. GO, MIKE!!

    Hunter, I’ve been busy PMS’ing…sans murdering:)

  7. Goddess, I don’t know how you can play a murder to your advantage and not sound like a sleaze bag (no, porn producer does not equal sleaze bag). He may get a few viewers from his blog post so they can see what the girl does and looks like, but overall I think Mike is best served by not using the murder for promotional purposes. As for my comment, I was lamenting on how it just as easily could have been Mike (or any of the other producers and johns in Florida and Georgia)!

  8. First of all, I was joking. Not like I suggested he slap a “bukkake murderer” sticker on his videos.

    But please, entertainment sites like TMZ turn this sort of stuff into revenue EVERY DAY and their advertisers don’t seem to be running away, cringing in horror at the “sleaze”. CNN interviews people EVERY DAY at the scenes of murders and disasters, and do you think friends of the deceased talking on tv are “sleazy”?

  9. Odd as it may sound it has been a bit of a financial windfall…..

    I wouldnt say it couldnt happen to me….but it wouldn’t be as easy first I carry, second I couldnt see myself alone and not watching one of these girls unless I knew her pretty well.

    Oddly I starting to change my idea on the death penalty

    I think ideally If you kill a person defending yourself, your loved ones or your property then that is a good death penalty, when the state does it its just revenge and I really no longer trust the state to get it right honestly, too many innocent people have been executed because an over zealous prosecutor could admit he fucked up.

    Anyway Id never say it couldn’t happen to me I think I need to fish…goddess you wanna do my updates fri-mon?

    we miss ya

  10. As long as no one expects the humor, the deep insights or the porn of Lindsey or Julie…hell, I’ll take a whack at it.

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