OK Its Gone

After much thought I decided to pull the Michael Payne bit on OCM.  Truth is it put me between a rock and a hard place no doubt.  I hate to deny anyone their opinion but my attorney actually suggested I go ahead and remove it.  It is unlikely OCM would have pursued it legally but if they had I would have found myself fighting a battle legally that I dont have the finances or the energy to fight at this time.

I should point out to OCM that I could have been MUCH more vindictive towards youu, instead of you calling me it was your lawyer.  if I was the vindictive type the post would still be up and i would see to it that your lawyer got to bill you for at least 2 to 3 hours on the phone with me…Id have called several times discussing things like venue, anti slapp, whether it was opinion or not, whether there was malice or not, believe me I could have cost you a solid 1500 to 2k on top of what you already paid.  next time I suggest you call me.

OK thats all folks



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OK Its Gone

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  1. The post might be gone but the stink it raised isn’t going away nor is the dynamic of the malice all over this situation.

  2. Kinda ironic that people that promote free speech so they can make their living fucking on camera got seriously angry at some guy for posting his feelings/opinions on doing business with a certain porn company.

  3. I just want to clarify one thing: My goal of writing the OC Modeling piece was not retaliation. My goal was to share an experience which in my opinion was unacceptable and unnecessary. The interesting thing, as I mentioned in a message to Mike the other night, is that if I was going to withhold names, most people would have agreed with my piece and support it, because they know what’s going on in back alleys of the adult industry, but because I named the names, I came under attack from various conduits and fan boys. Although the article has been removed, but it was viewed and read by hundreds of people and the information is spread and I have accomplished my goal.

    I believe the fact that OC Modeling had to resort to attorney threats and arm twisting to have the piece removed indicates that there was some truth in it. In my view, my responsibility is not to probe alleged criminal wrong doings of any person or entity, my responsibility is to report such allegations to authorities and help them in their investigation, and I have fulfilled and will continue to fulfill that responsibility.

    Lastly, I want to thank Mike for investing his trust in me and granting me access to publish articles on his web site. I’ll continue to write and publish articles here. It’s a privilege and a pleasure. Stay safe and have a good weekend.

  4. @Payne

    “My goal was to share an experience which in my opinion was unacceptable and unnecessary”

    You’re a writer so you write and that’s what you did. They are an talent booking agency and did what they do….’usually book both’ is no different than any other commission based provider trying to upsell for a bigger paycheck.

    As I see it you’re absolutely correct that your opinion was unwelcome and unnecessary….and the cause of why you didn’t succeed in booking the talent you wanted.

    Unless the agency said something that was omitted between monopoly and the motives you assigned to them your account of the experience you had in the attempt to book talent event doesn’t include a single detail to back the motives you attributed to the situation. The negotiation didn’t go as you planned. Instead of asking what needs to happen to be the ‘unusual’ booking only the girl for a b/g you went off and had what amounts to a temper tantrum.

    Speaking from experience Mike South is real good at reading rants via e-mail. He’s gotten some doozies from me over the past couple years and not one has ever come back to bite me in the ass. Next time he’s in Dayton we’ll prolly chuckle over some of the doozies he’s glad I emailed vs posted and I deserve every bit of razzing I get for events that wadded my knickers.

    That said if you write a considered article about agencies booking crossover talent regarding the issues it raises for the industry I’d read it. It’s a controversy that isn’t going away and needs to discussed without attacking people with disparate risk comfort levels. Even better will be getting discussions going to effectively communicate limits without sabotaging them by acting on fears the boundaries wont be respected. Hard truth is if you don’t respectfully convey your limits there isn’t much chance they’re gonna be respected.

  5. well said lurk and for the record I LOVE all of you guys, and I really appreciate the contributions you make here, it is the large part of the reason why I am considered to be the most accurate and most honest of all the adult so called news sites.
    Hugs and beers all around!

  6. The fact an AVN member offers porn girls an award for sex just shows that they have no honor. XBiz more of less just promotes the industry so no honest info is given there. Luke Is Back has been writing some decent stories lately but Kelli chased off all her traffic. . TRPWL is … well the less said about them morons the better. So you win by default Mike. The stuff you post here is the only real source for porn industry news and info.

  7. Thanks KF I like that even though we disagree sometimes we remain civil here, I disagree with a lot of my friends but we are friends none the less and thats how it should be.

    Personally…I wish I had better competition its a dubious distinction to stand out as the best in a field of incompetant asshats but hey…

    TY all

  8. Thanks Mike looking forward to some liquid bread in a bottle if it’s a dive or Merlot in a glass otherwise 🙂 I hesitated to speak up and hope Payne takes it in the constructive spirit I intended. Feel free to tell him about the doozy I copied you on threatening to write up a humorous but true account of the recent DMCA experience I had. I don’t regret getting pissed or taking temper tantrums at the escalating minions wasting my time telling me the issues I raised in my reaction wadded some important knickers. I don’t regret writing but not posting that experience as it let me get quiet and own the part my initial temper tantrum played in ensuring the legal firm wound up prioritizing covering their ass vs the legal issue that prompted the futile exchange. To me that’s empowering moving forward elsewhere.

  9. @Lurking Reader,

    Sometimes we agree on an issue, sometimes we disagree and that’s fine. In fact, that’s how it should be on a democratic platform, but I always appreciate your feedback and respect your opinion.

    The issue of cross over male talents aka “straight for pay” in the adult industry, homosexual men who get paid to perform in straight porn scenes is a serious issue that poses a significant risk to the lives and livelihood of the adult industry workers. Some people think just because the mainstream media and the social network have portrayed a cool, trendy image of homosexuality, then it’s fine to be “straight for pay”, but I disagree. What was dangerous and ugly and wrong in 2005 is still dangerous and ugly and wrong in 2015, regardless of how much money “Brokeback Mountain” made in the box office and regardless of what’s trending on FaceBook and Twitter. I’ll discuss this issue in a future article. Thank you again for your feedback.

  10. Its actually a 2 pronged problem. The 1st as you said is crossover talent. The 2nd is escorting. I’m sure there are porn star escorts that will bareback a client if he pays enough. Those 2 factors alone guarantee that its impossible to keep the porn business disease free and safe for all the talent. The FSC is just wishful thinking when they brag about how they are on top of the issue of talent and diseases.

  11. @Karma Fan,

    You’re absolutely right, escorting is a major source of income for both male and female talents. As for the FSC, their blatant lies and shameless self-promotion only fools themselves and their small circle of minions including AVN hacks who are an insult to journalism.

  12. @Payne

    We must confuse folks by agreeing in part and disagreeing too 🙂

    30 years ago in mainstream USA it was common that if you wanted a paycheck you HAD to be straight. Plus one events to meet the ‘real you’ forced people to perpetuate elaborate ruses they had to maintain because there were no workplace protections against co-worker water glass fears.

    Rock Hudson’s death messed with ‘pages of a magazine’ polices to avoid personal fraternization with customers in many mainstream workplaces. People didn’t want their icon of masculinity to be dead, they didn’t want him to have a life off the screen and if he did it sure as hell couldn’t be gay. I get what you’re saying about media, be it social media, box office or major news outlets. Biased reporters are now hired for their ‘expertise’ which had to be hidden or at least given a cloak of open-mindedness thirty years ago.

    Going back before Rock Hudson there was a product with a fantastic media campaign. Can’t recall for sure but think it was herbal essences shampoo or a Faborgè product. The media campaign was tell two friends and they tell two friends while the screen morphed from two to many of the same image, in magazines it was intermittent sequential multi page. That commecial would be just as relevant for explaining how STD are spread as products are sold and social media success.

    Banning ‘straight for pay’ in porn isn’t the protection some people would like it be. It will work as well as prostition laws do to keep porn stars from ‘escorting’ and the FSC-PASS gate does to keep STD out of the performer pool. Banning ‘straight for pay’ is an illusion perpetuated by those who want to believe a atraight b/g scene is truly a private event free from outside influences or interferences.

    To make the point of illusions, influences and interferences forces me to mention Truvada. I don’t think there is a conspiracy at Gilead but I do think the effort to push the proven benefits of Truvada to prevent MSM HIV transmission will lead to a day where ‘factory original lady bits’ will be perceived as the real risk in the world of sex work. Truvada is now being funded tor use by pre-menopausal women in ‘at risk’ communities despite the 2012 studies and the fact that Gilead still can’t figure out why it didn’t work to stop vaginal transmission. The goal of preventing in-utero transmission is an illusion on the same level the FSC-PASS testing barrier is.

  13. The big problem people have with straight for pay crossover talent is that when they work on the gay side the testing is not well implemented, there are HIV+ performers working with non-HIV+ performers and less use of condoms. This makes the gay side of porn more dangerous. Its like playing Russian Roulette with 6 bullets already in the gun. I don’t think there will be nything they can do to make the business 100% disease free but some things (like straight for pay crossover and escorting) just scream out to be fixed.

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