OK I’m Back

Sorry for a lack of updates, I lost a power supply a few days ago and just replaced it today.  Plus @KaydenKross was visiting and I was busy beating her with my cane.

I noticed the whole HIV thing is dying down, as I would expect it to and I also noticed people were claiming that it was ok to work again because everyone who had been exposed had tested negative.

I hope these people know thats wrong….to be in the clear you must test negative at least 30 days after being exposed otherwise you are far from being in the clear.  While that one test might clear a few people It’ll be another 2-3 weeks before we know if it has been contained to just the one person.

I have been working with a young lady for a while now and should she decide to enter the biz, as it appears she will, she will make a pretty big splash.  She has been in Playboy and is an extraordinarily pretty girl and seems very sweet and intelligent.  We are looking at potential contract offers for her.  I do have some gorgeous pics once I get an OK to post them.

One thing that struck me last week was the visceral reaction of some people who wanted to lynch some gay porn guy for abusing his dog….It strikes me as strange that people in this biz would take that stance but had he infected some naive little new comer girl to porn they would go to great lengths to protect his identity…some of you people are seriously fucked up.  I mean seriously.

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OK I’m Back

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  1. the naive newcommer is being exposed at her own free will.
    she should educate herself (if possible thru AIM since they make all first timers take a briefing, yes everyone..)
    who cares if he is gay or not, cruelty to animals is just not cool.

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