My Life Is Wierd Sometimes

OK I know I havent updated much, thing is I took off for a two week vacation to visit friends in Dayton, OH.


Well I had been here 5 days when I found myself offered a job as General Manager at Flamingo Showclub.

I took it.  Friday night was my first night as a strip club manager.

Saturday I called my good friends Kayden Kross and Tim Case and told them I needed some serious advice, to wit, how to deal with strip club drama without using a firearm.

They both somehow thought I was joking.

So far it has been quite the experience.  One thing happened really fast, I started to not see the dancers  as human.  It was more like they became walking irritations.

We are all getting used to each other now though and last night we had a blast at work!

If yer in the area come on in and see me Im there every night this week and use my name at the door for free admission.

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My Life Is Wierd Sometimes

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  1. I guess congratulations on the new job. I hope you will be able to continue to make adult movies as well. If the job is more than temporary, I guess that means you will be moving to Dayton permanently, if that is so I hope the move is not too stressful (I have lived in the same house for 17 years now and still have nightmares about moving to a different house).

    Have fun managing the strip club! Maybe you will be able to cast a couple of strippers in you next bukkake scene.

  2. What an interesting and intriguing surprise.

    Congratulations Mr. South!

    ..and good luck with everything!

  3. Mike, congratulations. As we say in my country during the night you get to see some of the ingenious people. I’m sure you’ll have some interesting stories to share very soon. Theo

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