Missing Lindsey lovehands

It’s finally spring here in God’s Country, the temp outside is working its way towards 80 today.

And I find myself missing my friend Lindsey Lovehands (you too Al but I can’t write about you cuz that would just be gay)

Lindsey is probably the most perfect porn girl ever made, she has a banging little body and a cute and infectious personality that just makes you have fun no matter what you are doing. She doesn’t take life too seriously and she genuinely likes sex, it isn’t an act she just flat out likes it.  Not a shread of guilt in that perfect little frame. Made for some oif the best sex I have ever had and by God THAT is saying something!

Today would be one of those days that would be perfect tp gather up Lindsey and go to the lake or ride around on the scooter or shoot guns in her back yard (she lived in “the country”)

I miss her cooking too…girl can cook let me tell ya.

But about 6 months ago Lindsey moved away from Atlanta down to Tampa….Atlanta’s loss to be sure, and mine…I miss ya Lindsey!

I’m reminded of one of our “bonding moments”

After shooting all day and into the night it’s getting rather late so we head out for a late bite. She has changed into street clothes and normal makeup.  After we sat down in the bar/eatery a guy comes up and says “Did anyone ever tell you that you look like Lindsey Lohan?” She smiles and says “ya once or twice.”  As he leaves she says to me “I  get that all the time, I even have people ask me for my autograph sometimes because they think I’m her.”

On the way back, it’s drizzling rain, my friend Al is driving and he has the Sat radio on a hair band rock station. Lindsey quickly disrobes in the back seat of the Mercedez sports car and climbs to the front seat and into my lap.  She starts gyrating her nude and perfect body to Poison’s “Lay Your Body Down”.  She takes my hands and places them on her thighs.  I slide them up her perfect skin as she continues to gyrate to “And lay your body down on me, down on me, tonight.”

I’m not sure what exactly it was about it, but it was one of the most incredibly intense and erotic moments of my life. Maybe it was the throwback to high school days of sex in a car, I don’t know but her nude body in the passing lights combined with my hands softly and slowly roaming her flawless curves as she moved underneath them left me with a lump in my throat.  One of those moments, where nothing else in the world exists, and a sweet beginning to the end of the rest of the night.

One of those moments that we all live for.

I miss ya Baby!

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Missing Lindsey lovehands

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  1. DITTO, Mike. Lindsey is as sweet, fun, and intelligent as she is sexy. Lady H and I are very honored to have her as a friend. Oh, and you too, Al… in a manly kinda way.

  2. I think she’s cute as well! If I lived in Tampa and could afford a woman, I would take her from porn forever! Maybe Raven will come out and play with you, she’s sort of cute as well. Here’s to many more wonderful porn memories with lots of cute, vivacious women!

  3. Proves, again, you’re a great writer. You hit a high note here with your wordsmithery.

  4. Mike and everybody, I am SO SORRY for not writing, Mike I called you last week but never heard from you…there is a lot we need to speak about, this article is SO nice. We spent Saturday and yesterday with Delilah Strong and her hubby, had a GREAT time and she spoke highly of you and talked about Julie also. I have a great article to post about it tomorrow, I know I have been TERRIBLE about that, blogging, etc. (which is one of the things we wanted to speak with you about, got a brilliant idea)…

    You are all so NICE thank you, and Mike we will plan a trip back soon for the rest of the stuff in storage and maybe, if you are nice, we can shoot a bukkake for you and a gang bang for me, just a thought. What do you guys think? Let me or Mike know….lol…love and miss ya Mike, oh I mean, King Ding-a-ling!

  5. And btw Julie, I will definately be meeting you soon, I am planning to see LA soon, just not sure when, Lady H, we don’t know eachother quite as well as I would like, yet…lol, but I feel that’s a changing soon…

  6. “Lady H, we don’t know each other quite as well as I would like, yet…lol, but I feel that’s a changing soon…”

    Darlin, you just name the time and place! I’ve got LOTS to show you….hehehe.

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