Now Safe For Work

Hopefully this will bring more incoming links from mainstream.

Also I was notified that the donation link was broken…seems Paypal changed the rules for donations and I didn’t fit the new rules. I will be adding a link in the next day or two allowing for donations via Netbilling. Anyone wanting to use paypal can send to [email protected] Every little bit helps and is appreciated.

The only ad left that may not be safe for work is the stripperfacials ad, I will be replacing it in a day or so.

As always Thanks Yall!

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Now Safe For Work

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  1. Mike – for what it’s worth, when I’m on your home page, all the images of girls from the stripper and bukkakkee sites are still on the right hand side.

  2. yes but they are grated head shots and even though they link to southernbukkake the word bukkake isnt on the ad….do you think thats a problem?

  3. I suppose its a matter of where you work and your age group. I was in my corporate office yesterday, rather than my home office. The IT people are monitoring what sites we visit. Heck, they watch our IM chats on our corporate email server but don’t interfere. And, my IT person yelled at me yesterday for using my personal laptop in the office because it only has Windows Defender for software. If she came into my office and saw the head shots, I’d be shot in the head.

    At the same time, I used to do some work for Yahoo News. When I would go into their offices in Manhattan to visit my editor, I was the only person in the joint wearing a sports jacket and slacks. At Yahoo, anything went. So, if its a younger reader at a high tech company, probably no problem.

  4. It is an interesting situation when a head shot of a pretty girl can be construed as a not safe for work environment, and I may be dreaming by thinking these changes will bring more incoming links but I have to take the shot at this point, no harm in trying it out I guess….wel will see how it plays out. so far rolling stone linked to the old site no problem there. It will be interesting to see what WSJ and Esquire do.

  5. My 2¢, FWIW… I don’t think the head shots are an issue for the vast majority of mainstream sites. The primary focus of the site, adult entertainment industry, is far more likely to be an issue. If they can’t get past that, then wiping the site of all images won’t make any difference. That said, if one of those sites is doing an article where a link would be appropriate, then they should not have an issue with the site focus.
    A favorite movie quote seems fitting here… “Don’t think, it can only hurt the ball club.” ~ Crash Davis

  6. I don’t think Esquire will have a problem linking to this site especially considering the T&A are gone. I don’t expect WSJ to link to anything but the most scrubbed down news sites like Bloomberg News and Reuters and their subscriber base (their website requires a subscription to view) is much older and more conservative than most news organizations so I wouldn’t depend on them linking to this site or for that matter them even linking to Fox News (Elisabeth Hasslefuck and Megan “Slut Length Skirt” Kelly’s skirts are too short for WSJ standards). Other news sites may link in the future if they use you as a source now that the site is “safe for work”, though possibly including CNN, MSNBC, People and TMZ.

  7. Toby…thanks man I would say thats spot on, there will be those who wont link under any circumstances because of the overall topic of the site you are right on that one. I also have to say that the reporters I have dealt with have been sensitive even Fox News mentioned my blog on the air when the whole Colbeck Capital/fortress investment group thing broke. Charlie Gasperino said he would try but no guarantees….well he obviously did…and that was tto a clearly not safe for work site…to my knowledge Fox got NO blowback from that.

    I have found that these mainstream guys are just like the rest of us, if you treat them fairly they return the favor…Just last week one told me of a porn girl who went on for almost an hour about Prop 60 and then decided everything she had said was “off the record”….I know if it were me I’d have been tempted to throw the bitch under the bus….

    Anyway yer right and I appreciate your participation here, you have a long and unique experience in the biz and that adds value to Thank You

  8. Nice work on the site Mike. I can now read it while at a client’s office without fear of someone walking by the laptop. Before I just didn’t bother visiting when on-site or I would use my phone 🙂

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