Mike Kulich Wants To make A Difference…Donates All To Childhood Cancer Research

From Mike:

For the past few months I have been struggling to find a real purpose in my life. Something that I could look back on on my death bed and know for certain that I made a difference in this world. Well last night that moment came and I had a major epiphany. A change the world type moment. Most of you know that I have stepped away from the helm at Monarchy Distribution. Although I am only in 1-2 days a week the company is still operating just as it always has and we are still releasing 16 titles per month. With me being so focused with my PR company as well as SkweezMe, Monarchy although it is my baby and I built it from nothing has turned in to more of a side project. As of today I have decided to donate every single dollar of profit made after paying our regular expenses and employees. Every last dime of profit made by the 8 studios falling under the Monarchy umbrella will be donated to fund childhood cancer research, great organizations like Chai Lifeline, St. Jude’s, as well as regular online fundraisers for families with kids fighting cancer, much like the one we ran for my son that so many of you graciously donated to. I am no longer taking a salary from the company either. Every single spare penny we make will go to this cause. If doing this can help one kid when I am old sitting on a rocking chair looking back on my life, I will know I made a difference in some way. More importantly it may give kids like my son a second chance at life. That is all. Carry on.

117180cookie-checkMike Kulich Wants To make A Difference…Donates All To Childhood Cancer Research

Mike Kulich Wants To make A Difference…Donates All To Childhood Cancer Research

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72 Responses

  1. And I will be surprised if any of these organizations will even accept his money. Most charities don’t want anything to do with porn money unless maybe if it’s donated anonymously.

  2. Let’s see how many of you “purists” would refuse porn money to cure your kids’ cancer, if you needed it, hypocrites.

  3. @SabrinaDeep,
    You got that one right again. I wouldnt care if the money came from a steetwalking, herion adicted, crack smoking, felon, we are talking about helping children here people,,,,,who give a flying rats ass about the fucking porn industry, the world does not revolve around the fucking porn industry.
    If someone doesnt want his money he will find somebody who does.

    Cant we just say THANKS, and leave it at that.
    Thanks Mike Kulich,,,,if just one single dollar of yours puts one single smile, for one single second, on a kids face then its worth it.

  4. its a known fact that most charities will not accept donations from someone associated with the porn industry for obvious reasons.. Hint..it’s not because these people are “purists”… Lol.

    If Mike really cares about helping kids with cancer why didn’t he just Donate anonymously without announcing it on some porn blog?

    Answer? So he can get PR and praise from people like jilted..

  5. Porn and kids don’t mix but some people in this industry who live in their own bubble don’t seem to understand that.

  6. Of course, they’ll take his money, especially if Mike Kulich donates it. Now, if he wants to bring in porn chicks to read to the kids or have a Donkey Punch Cancer Wing, that’s probably another story. But, his press release reads as if its sincere.

  7. youre right common,,,,most wont take his money,,,,but someone will, so whats your fucking problem with someone donating money to fight childhood cancer? So he makes an announcement that he is going to give his porn profits to charity, so whats your fucking problem with that? Its his money.
    I dont care what his motives are or arent,,,,,pure as the driven snow or as selfish as could be, I guarantee you not one single kid with cancer, or one single parent, sibling,friend, or aquaintance of someone with cancer is going to give a fuck where the money that helps them come from, so to put it bluntly, take a long walk on a short pier.

    dont worry your little heart there common,,,,someone will take his money, so whats your fucking problem?

  8. You really need to chill out, jilted. You are always so angry. I have no problem with Mike donating money I am just pointing out A FACT .that lots of charities won’t take his porn money for obvious reasons..
    Welcome to the REAL world not the delusional world of porn…

  9. @common stop twisting my words. Or learn to read what ppl writes. I haven’t talked about charities accepting or not accepting money (they should though…legal porn money is not filthier than George Soru’s or other finance sharks money), but about ppl showing disgust for lives-saving money coming from porn. I reiterate my question: if you didn’t have money to cure your kid cancer, would you accept my donation which could save his life? Hypocrite.

  10. So again, who gives a shit,,,,some wont take his money, well thank you captain obvious. I am sure that nobody who reads this site ever considered that. Thanks for pointing out the facts,,,,without you here we would have never known,,,thank you so much, you are always so factually informative. Anything else to report for us Captain Obvious?

  11. Mike Kulich here.

    The only reason I am responding on this thread is to address Mr. Common Sense. I don’t know who the fuck you are but you have alot of balls saying this is some sort of PR stunt. First and foremost, this post was made on my personal facebook page. Not sent out to media. I own a PR company. If I wanted to make news out of this I would have but I didn’t. In fact, as a publicist when I put that post on my facebook a writer from Huffington Post asked me if he could do a story on it and I told him no. My 4 year old son has been battling leukemia since he was 2. I have found success in my other businesses (my PR company and my VOD company) so I made the choice to donate all profits from Monarchy which is the first company I started to benefit child cancer research. Not only that but to donate to individual families on sites like GiveForward which are families suffering just trying to get by. Mike South didn’t even ask my permission to post this. He took it from my private facebook account and did it. I don’t really give a shit what people think in terms of where the money comes from. As a parent who has watched his son battle leukemia, if I was in a financial situation where I couldn’t afford his treatment I would take money from ANYONE to make sure he was ok. Take your judgements and stick them up your ass.

  12. Iirc when his son was diagnosed with leukemia he was faced with huge expenses because he didn’t have health insurance and set up a gofundme. As a parent who stood powerless over my child’s ICU bed I have no doubt of his sincerity to express gratitude to St. Jude’s. Knowing the cost and years of expensive red tape legal immigrants face his other charity is also laudable.

    If eulogies from family, charity recipients and Monarchy employees can be recognized as the same man’s life then he’s left a lasting legacy.

  13. @BT

    My oldest went to a Boggy Creek Gang Camp four years and the last year it got out that a mom was a stripper. We’d met at Neumors and because of her job she limited her offers of help refusing to drive kids and any unsupervised situations. She was first one to do Olive Garden drive thru so families could eat a meal together around their kids hospital bed. She entertained patients and siblings giving parents a moment to say hi or process bad news. Her years of one on one help and maintaining a SpinaBifida advocacy site shut down the shit storm a loud mouth tried to start.

  14. For the record I guarantee you that Mikes offer is sincere, I also think he posted it to facebook..as a challenge to others to be charitable. Personally I commend his efforts and am happy to point out to others that just because people are in porn doesn’t mean they arent good people. Way to go Mike…Good for you man.

  15. @mikekulich

    Cant take back my initial comment which was insensitive so I hope the words I wrote before seeing your comment will suffice as an apology.

    Your words about facing mortality stuck with me making me realize I was criticizing this in the same light as product for testing without considering the truths behind it. Good Luck and if nothing else know this post generated at least one anonymous donation to St. Jude’s.

  16. Years ago, when I was in college in the Midwest, I took a popular culture course. We had to do a research project and I chose to do my paper on the burlesque circuit that used to exist in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. Several of the old theaters still existed and had strippers on stage, with movies in between the stage shows. I spent a month hanging around that theater, where I got a job running the lights. Wrote my paper and brought in a stripper as part of my presentation. Now, while she took her clothes off for a living, she was in real life a mom and member of her kid’s PTA. She came to class wearing the kind of outfit you’d expect for a mom, not a tramp. She gave a great presentation and was a class act.

  17. Mike, don’t be such a fool….Mike is a narcissist. Anything he can do to attract attention his way is first and foremost- he is a poor man’s Steve Hirsch. Found success in his PR and Skweez Me businesses???
    these companies make ZERO money. If making $1,000 a month is success than he is successful.

  18. EXACTLY! This guy is nothing more then an attention whore like that other whore steven hirsch.

    Again, if Mike was really being sincere he would have just donated the money anonymously without announcing it on some porn blog especially since, unless he’s an idiot, he must know that a lot of charities won’t accept his porn money unless it’s done quietly.

  19. And I was thinking the same thing. This guy cannot be making much money.. More proof he’s just an attention whore.

  20. No jilted you are the all knowing one! 😉
    What would we do without all your insightful, angry responses? Hopefully the world will never have to find out. 🙂

  21. Lol Sabrina. I am not twisting your words. I wasn’t even talking to you.
    Although I did laugh at you saying the reasons charities/people would not accept porn money is because they are “purists” and “hypocrites” lol! Nope! not the reason. Try again! Maybe jilted can help you out. 🙂

  22. @mike K : You posted it on your personally facebook page knowing that people like Mike south would see it. Nice try. I don’t believe you. If you were sincere you would have just donated the money without saying anything to anyone except maybe a few close friends and family.

    From what I can tell. Most people in this industry will do ANYTHING for Attention..just ask mr. Tmz hirsch.

  23. Entitled anonymous people who answer their own posts under different anonymous names and call others narcissists was something i missed until today. It explains why they don’t use their real names, though, when they make accusations: better an anonymous coward than a known, named stupid.

  24. Lol Sabrina. Now you are accusing me of posting under numerous names just because someone agrees with some of what I said?

    So does that mean jilted, you, lurking and BT are all the same person?
    Sabrina? If I was you I wouldn’t say anything else regarding this topic. You are starting to look like a desperate to win fool.

    And calling people names? That is classic 101 tactics of a person who knows they Can’t respond to the accusations and they LOST the debate.. 🙂

  25. It’s the price you have to pay for throwing shit on everything and everybody when you post anonymously. Your credibility is zero.

  26. Ok Sabrina. Your actions do tell me my credibility is zero and unlike you I am ok with that. 🙂

  27. I don’t care whether people agree with me or not. I am not trying to influence anyone. I am just stating MY OPINION. and I am not going to change my views just because you or anyone else doesn’t like what I have to say. Sorry.

  28. You have just posted 3 times in 3 mins for saying something that you could have put together in one post. Talk about narcissistic attention whores. Anyway, sorry Mike for contributing to troll this thread: i’m out.

  29. @mikekulich Props to you. Don’t let little people bring down your good deed. Absolutely ridiculous that anyone can find criticism in someone giving their money to charity.

  30. There are always ‘those’ people who will look for the negativity in anything and everything. If you walked up to one of these people and told them you just won ten million dollars in the lottery, the first thing they would say is ,”Youre going to have to pay a shitload in taxes.’ instead of “congradulations on your good fortune.” Anyone with one ounce of common sense would know who you are.

  31. @commonsense

    If this were a post about being your kid to work day your comment about kids and porn not mixing might make sense.

  32. @BT

    Amazes me that people think someone who take their clothes off for living means they’re always working and never live.

  33. I cannot speak for jilted, Sabrina, or lurking, but I’m just little ole me. And, anyone who knows me will attest that I’m not smart enough to write under all of those different names while keeping the personalities distinct. Whew!

  34. @BT

    Oh come now @commonsense knows all. It would take some real proof to dispute anything common has decreed to be so.

    If we each post denials…it’s proof we’re trying to discredit and shut up the font of wisdom.

    If we post simultaneously…it’s a tech trick
    If we ask MikeSouth to verify our varied IP …it’s a ruse
    If we post our life history…fake data proves fictional people
    If we (enter redundant reference) …it just proves @commonsense is truly an all seeing and knowing PUNK ASS TROLL who can’t be disputed or proven wrong and therefore is proven right.

  35. I don’t think most non-profit cancer hospitals would reject Kulich’s money. In particular I think St. Jude Hospital would accept his money (they don’t even ask how a donor earned the cash, I have donated to them myself and was not asked about the source of my donation) and their whole purpose of being is to treat kids that cannot afford to pay for care (nowadays they do bill insurance, however — if the patient has any). They treat all sorts of life-threatening conditions but most of their care is related to pediatric cancer patients. Comedian Danny Thomas (That Girl actress Marlo Thomas’ father) started the hospital in the early 60’s with his own money but that cash has long ago run out so they subsist on donations and insurance payments nowadays. St. Jude is also known as one of the best hospitals in the world for pediatric cancer treatment.

    The Shriners also run a hospital for children that does similar work although the proportion of cancer treatment to total patient load is much less (last I knew St. Jude’s cancer patients were over 90% of total patient load). They also will take money from anyone, Kulich might even be able to officially join the Los Angeles branch of the Shriners if he wished as they have local clubs in most large cities and do various non-medical charity work in the local community as well as run a hospital for children. I think they would take his money as well although I haven’t ever donated to them so I don’t know the process.

    Of course if he wants his money to stay in California UCLA and UCSF both have large hospitals, I am sure they will take his donations and if he has enough money to donate they will even build a new cancer wing at UCLA or UCSF (whichever one he lives closest to, probably) and name it after him. Public universities in general don’t give a fuck where the donated money was made, most would even take ISIS or Al-Quida money if it were offered and put it to good use.

  36. I see a lot of negative talk. What I don’t see is anyone else following his lead to donate. Why am I not surprised…

  37. I am sad to hear that your son is battling Leukemia. I saw this post after making my first post in this thread or I would have posted this there. You deserve to be commended on donating what will likely be a large sum of money to charity. I wish your you and your son well, hope your son goes into remission, living a long, happy life and wish you great success in your current and future business ventures.

    As for Mr. NO Common Sense, who gives a fuck where the money came from. Frankly most non-religious charities don’t give a fuck who donates to them or where the money comes from (note regarding first post — St. Jude while “religious” in name is not a religious organization, Danny named the hospital St. Jude because he prayed to her for success in comedy and promised her that once he was rich he would open a cancer hospital and name it after her — so this comment applies to them as well). I don’t know what you do for a living Mr. NO Common Sense but I hope you or your kid doesn’t get cancer or another deadly disease and have to accept financial assistance from a charity, I bet you would tear your heart out of your chest if it were possible that the money came from what you consider to be a “dirty” profession. Me (and most others) wouldn’t give a flying fuck where the money came from, most of us would even rob and kill everyone in a large bank if it meant getting the money to pay for our kids medical treatment. Now Mr. NO Common Sense, go to confession and confess to being a mother and father fucking asshole. I hope the priest gives you 500 Hail Mary’s and reports you directly to the Pope for this “transgression”.

  38. Lurking – did you write that? Or did I? I feel like we’re in the middle of a Matthew McConaughey ad.

    All I can say to Common is: I didn’t post it because it was cool. I didn’t want to make a statement. I just liked it.

  39. @Dirty Bob

    It would be nice to think some have made donations to these charities but choose not to publicize thier generosity. For us opting to have donations published as anonymous limits pleas from third parties and affiliated charities. Thankfully Mike Kulich doesn’t adhere to our rule of anonymity making his claims of supporting these charities easily verified. I challenge the naysayers to put thier money where their mouths are by matching every dollar Mike Kulich has donated to a charity of their choice.

  40. @BT

    I’ll need to verify whether I truly wrote it or not with @Commonsense who knows better than I.

  41. St. Jude would accept money, i know it by direct experience. I’m pretty confident that others would too: i would be curious to go public about an eventual refusal and ask them to explain patients that they declined offers which could have helped to cure/save them because coming from legal porn.

  42. @mharris

    Even if you don’t need or take a dime of cash assistance patients are dependant on the research that can’t be billed to patients and won’t happen if grants aren’t funded.

    These charities don’t turn down any no-strings attached donation and rightly turn down donations with strings that could jeopardize their main mission.

  43. The Komen foundation made no bones about rejecting funds that were raised via widely publicized events that generated thousands.

    It happens all the time. People sponsor events using a charity name without ever consulting the charity then get pissed because the charity says they’ll gladly take the donation but can’t accept it as part of the event sponsors ongoing PR program. They don’t like hearing that their event violated the charities trademark etc. and spin it as my good deeds were snubbed.

  44. @mikekulich

    1. I am not Kevin Blatt
    2. I don’t know who he is
    3. my kid spent 21 days in an ICU and her medical records state
    “At this time we have notified parents we have more medical options”
    I knew my kid was alive after a procedure because the armed guards they’d called in six days previously were gone
    4. Fuck you if you don’t like me challenging naysayers to put their money where their mouth is.
    5. If you ever have a change of heart for ripping into me and accusing me of being some guy you have a grudge with my preferred charity is Boggy Creek Gang Camp in Eustis Florida.
    6. May your son never be accepted four years running to boggy creek camp where the sickest get prioritized and less than 10% of total applicants become campers.
    7.fuck you and the high horse you rode in on as if you and you alone cornered the market on charity.

  45. Edit #3
    They had NO more options. It goes on to detail high risk low ?? Ratio..to document telling us their magic bag of doctor tricks was empty and thier only choice was a procedure they’d delayed for days because they didn’t expect her to make it off the table..that conversation

    Me..should I call a priest?
    Dr…if that will make you feel better.

  46. Kulich- do I need to expose you again to the public for why you are a fraud and a big nobody?

    U tried to tell me that Christian Mann was your sponsor ( laughable) especially the part where you claim he told you I ” got lucky” by a phone call I made to Steven Hirsch.

    Steven Hirsch has never put a dime in my pocket and you couldn’t have been further from the truth.
    Th mainstream partners/ morons you found to market SkweezMe haven’t a clue just how to market anything let alone porn.

    Anyone can milk people for money and give nothing back- it’s called a “Con Man” that’s what you are- a Con Man who convinces himself he is a somebody.

  47. PS Kulich- do your homework on me.

    Live my life…for one day.
    You’d see how far away from pornography I am and how much I deal with real movers and shakers.
    Not lowly porn scum.

    U are next to Porno Dan when it comes to porn scum. He ay be a little higher, he makes more money than you do.

  48. If you are so far away from porn and dealing with such big movers and shakers how do you have time to troll people on adult message boards? Must have had a 15 minute break from your meeting with the president of Disney. You talk tough on the boards Kevin. Strong fingers. I’ll have respect for you the day you talk shit to my face.

  49. So true.

    Lurk, I also just re-read my prior comment and your comment below referring to contacting a priest and realized that my remark about suggesting Common go to confession and do Hail Mary’s may have been inappropriate and possibly (unintentionally) offensive to others not referred to in my post. My quick and sharp tongue mis-strikes again. For that I apologize.

    You are also right about donations going to research that saves lives. Ironically a lot of that cancer research takes place right at St. Jude’s Hospital. I am far from poor and my nieces and (minor) nephews are all insured but if any of them got a serious case of cancer (as opposed to an easily-treated skin cancer mole) I think the first thing I would do is get them involved in their care even though we live almost a thousand miles away and doing so would probably involve multiple incidences of purchasing (expensive, short notice) plane tickets as well as renting and furnishing a house in that vicinity for my brother or sister and their family to stay in during their kid’s treatment (none of which St. Jude’s would likely pay for even for indigent patients and their immediate families, certainly not for us).

  50. I suspect Mr. Kulich was referrring to Kbizzle or whatever the fuck his moniker is. Considering he has not posted here before (that I can recall) and certainly is not a regular poster I think Mr. Kulich may be on to something here. I apologize for the issues that this article has caused and think Mike (South) may now regret posting this article as well (even though he meant well when he made the post) because of others insulting Mr. Kulich and his intentions. I certainly hope Mr. Kulich’s company makes millions for him to donate to cancer charities and that his donations save many lives.

  51. @mharris

    No offense taken to penance jokes, say and hear much worse among fellow adherents. The reference was to emphasize how deeply Mike Kulich erred in his response to my comment. His response didn’t do him any favors in my book.

  52. @mharris

    If Mike Kulcih erroneously posted his comment to my comment(s) it was his place to say so and his f/u made no distinction further compounding the impression that he under the delusion that his son fighting leukemia means he cornered the market on justifiable outrage over having his words, intents and sincerity judged.

    Ten years from now I’ll if I remember this I’ll still be proud of suggesting he try paying his attorneys with product they can resell to point out how ludicrous this portion of his FSC platform was. Additionally I’ll still be proud of how I handled this event whether I ever meet him or not. I proudly repeat my sentiment…Fuck you and the horse you rode in on Mike Kulich.

  53. Lurk, his comment was probably ill-advised, I agree. I just said I don’t think the Kevin Blatt bit was aimed at you. Kbizzle’s comments are just as ill-advised. Obviously there is bad blood between them and we all got to see some of it.

    As for Mr. Kulich (or anyone eise in porn) paying attorneys with product instead of a good check or credit card, I suspect that won’t go too far. If anyone attempted that with me I would immediately escalate collection actions against that person. A few performers (literally) do sell their DVDs on their websites (usually autographed and with an 8 X 10 photo) so maybe that is where he got the idea to give product to performers in lieu of a raise in pay — the cute and adorable Aaliyah Love gets $49.95 a DVD that way. Unfortunately most do not so his proposal went nowhere fast, about as far as offering Bonnie Rotten’s “services” for a night to a performer instead of paying with a check (honestly I don’t know how Ms. Rotten even got a single scene with her tattoos, she honestly looks like she needs a shower, soap, washcloth and scrub brush — I actually feel sorry for her and think she should cut the dick and balls off of whoever put those tattoos on her).

  54. There is a time and place for everything. We are all sinners and saints in our own worlds, winnners and loosers in our own ways. We have all experience victories and losses, and fought battles that we would have rather not fought, but we did, because thats what family does, brothers, sisters, mothers fathers, friends

    So this guy comes along, he works in the porn industry, and he finds out his toddler has leukemia, and i guarantee you this guys world fell apart faster than a speeding bullet. I dont know how it turned out for the child, I hope he was able to pull through, and it makes dad think about the big picture, and dad decides to give some money to charity, and what does he get,,,,grief from some douchebags on a porn discussion site.

    Whatever problem you might have with MK, I am sure there are other places to talk about it. What a fucking douchebag move for anyone to use this forum to attack this very cool deed. Show an ounce of class people, just say thanks if you got nothing else nice to say, and take the crap somewhere else.

    No good deed goes unpunished, unfortunately not ONLY IN PORN

    Fuck them all MK. Do whatever the hell you like with your money and ignore those who really just wish they had the financial means to do what you’re doing, and thanks to those who join you and decide to help.

  55. @mharris

    I don’t know who or which comments he directed his tirade at …my response to the reply posted under my comment stands as do my f/u w you. Clearly this hit a personal spot for me in a way nothing has since my first post on this site and that’s my issue.

    Wasting time guessing motives and considering alternative scenarios does nothing to change the depths that parents are affected when their child endures long term catastrophic illness or the depth of those feelings even years later when shit happens. It happened ..please drop it.

  56. And for the record Kevin (kbizzleforthesizzle), My son is 10 times the man you will ever be, and he still shits in his pants. Not everything is play for PR. Porn isn’t my life, it is my job. If you hate the porn business so much then just fucking leave. No one wants you here anyways. My mission in life is to raise money and raise awareness in fighting Childhood Cancer. I volunteer in hospitals, I donate money, I give blood twice a month. I have a purpose in my life that isn’t a selfish one that only revolves around myself and putting money in my wallet. I love my life and I feel complete and I am only 28 years old. Can you say the same for yourself? No. You’re just a balding middle aged fatass who somehow pulled a decent piece of ass who spends his days reading blogs and trolling people in the comments, but I guess that makes you feel good about yourself. Fucking pathetic.

  57. Mike Kulich will do anything for attention like post pictures on facebook of a $10000 check. Who does that? People who really donate money do it without shouting from the rooftops. I agree with Kevin. Kulich seems to be quite a bully himself on social media and shouldn’t be going after him.

  58. Kulich you are a fucking ASSCLOWN.
    I would love to match my tax return sot yours homie to show you just how insignificant you are.

    I have a book being written by a huge writer as eel speak and it delves into the early days of online porn. U know the days when companies made $15 -20Million dollars a MONTH.

    You’d be lucky to have made $2,000 a month. And no I don’t troll porn message boards- I read Mike’s site from time to time for ABC News who I am retained by to do stories during sweeps.

    Who retains your services?
    Jizz moppers ?

  59. PS- Kulich I am glad you find my fiancee to be a “piece of ass”
    I can send you a password since you are on a fixed income if you’d like to FAP to her.

  60. Post your contract for ABC News contracting you exclusively for adult news stories. I call bullshit. I have had my clients placed on Vice, CNBC, CNN, Cosmo, Gawker, Forbes, HuffPo, NY Post, among many others. I have had over 10 stories gone viral, all in my first year of business.

    The difference between you and me? You have been doing this for what? 15 years? Me? 2 years. 1 Year for outside clients.

    Fact is, I really don’t give a shit what you make or anything you do. This is obviously some pissing contest to you on whose dick is bigger but I don’t measure success by the size of my checkbook and I feel sorry for anyone who does. I can pay all my bills, provide my son the best medical care possible, put him in the best private school, and give back to charities that mean something to me. In my life that is all that matters to me. Not impressing some douchebag who talks shit about everyone in the PR game.

    You said from the day I announced I was starting my PR company I would never be successful. You were wrong. I don’t know why you still feel the need to talk shit. You’re a pussy ass keyboard warrior. I know for a fact you would never say shit to my face.

    Also, no need for the free log-in. I can find more than enough videos of your girlfriend sucking other guys cocks on your client’s tubesites.

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