Melissa Wolf Busted Under RICO:

Melissa Wolf Busted Under RICO:

Im still working on shaking out the details here but heres what I know to be true.

In November a reporter for the Gwinnett County Daily Paper ( The Gwinnett Post) named Jim Brock, was cruising the ads on Seems Mr Brock found a review of Melissa Wolfe that indicated she work out of her home, a Posh 1.1 Million dollar house in one of Gwinnetts most exclusive communities, Sugarloaf Country Club.

Now Jim is not your run of the mill bottom feeder, he knows that anyone operating out of that community must have a high price on her services and some pretty well known clientel so Jim notifies the Gwinnett District Attorney, Danny Porter. Porter puts the house under surveillance for about a month and last night culminated it with a high profile story of a high priced “Prostitution Ring” being run out of a million dollar home in Sugarloaf Country Club.

Now Jim had himself a story, and the Gwinnet Paper had a field day with it as did all the Atlanta area news outlets.

To hear the story Melissa earned the money for that big house and all that nice furniture on her back.

It isn’t true.

The house was hers from a divorce from a previous husband.

Now Melissa faces prostitution charges and because of the value of the house Gwinnett County has invoked the RICO statutes so that they can steal her house from her.

I know Melissa, I have shot scenes in her home, I consider her a friend. Whatever Melissa may or may not be she certainly isn’t involved in what anyone would consider organized crime, she simply makes a pretty decent living selling what is perfectly legal for anyone to give away.

My heart goes out to her right now, but I have no doubt that she will come through this just fine, you see, I also know Melissa has some pretty powerful clients who will likely protect her the way they want her to protect them….Some in the Federal Judicial area even. Too many people who don’t want that client list to get out.

More on this as it plays out.

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Melissa Wolf Busted Under RICO:

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