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Ok guys. I’m going to be honest. I was fully expecting the dumb cooze post to enrage people. I just thought people would be more upset about the bible bashing than the Shelley bashing. Live and learn. On a side note I was also surprised that you were surprised that I was surprised that other men were surprised that I didn’t hook. On both I’m going to stand by what I said but I will try to respond to some of the comments.

Darrah: The reason I think Shelley is a threat is she is portraying herself to be knowledgeable about this subject. You say the big threats are the religious organizations. I agree. Now as long as they are just waving their bibles in the face of lawmakers they don’t have much to stand on, but when they wave the Shelleys of the world in the face of lawmakers they are taken more seriously. Shelley is being treated as empirical evidence. If you think I’m joking, take a look at the long list of venues she’s been asked to speak at. It is all religious and political. Now the reason I’ve been attacking her is I think she needs to be discredited and no one else seems to be doing it.

Darrah and Goddess: You both implied that I’m spending too much time on Shelley. Yes I’ve written three very long posts about her. I would have liked to have only done one but I jumped the gun and wrote the first the day I met her, then had forgotten about her until LA Erotica and wrote the second when the “Porn Industry Facts” popped up at the convention, and then thought I’d gotten it all out until someone emailed me her biography and put me on the radio with her. But on the flip side, is anyone paying attention to how much time Shelley spends on the industry? She’s made it a full time job. She emails every single performer. I got special treatment though. She sent me a care package. But really, I don’t think she appreciates all the time I’ve been spending on her.

Dirtybob: I really appreciate the logic behind that second comment. Now the reason I never pay attention to HPV in any posts is because I personally consider it a non issue. There is a vaccine. I’ve taken it and I figure anyone else who wants to can take it as well. With the kind of money we make there is no reason not to. And I think you should definitely talk to Mike about paying me by the word (:

Holycrapper: see Dirtybob.

As far as my facts on the amount of money the industry makes, I’ve never claimed to know. I cited a number that Charles Calderon used, and then I quoted a number that Shelley used. I don’t know how much money the Industry makes. The STD rates I used in my first post were taken from AIM. If these are wrong I don’t know who has the right information.

Tony: I’m pretty sure I addressed yours already. Thanks for posting. I never like what you say but at least I know you care.

Apparently somewhere else there is a post claiming I got my facts wrong about the non-profit thing (Adult FYI?). I think if Shelley’s foundation fell into the protected category that is mentioned she would not have changed her website immediately following my post.

And finally, Finleypk: You didn’t pop up until after my Dear Darrah letter so I can‘t help but wonder if maybe you were hoping for one too. Darrah at least was trying to make some points. You don’t seem to be making any so you won’t be getting a letter. If you read through any of my posts you will see that I obviously have used the word “it’s” correctly many times, so forgetting an apostrophe is a typo, not a misunderstanding of the English language. And Britney was diagnosed as being bipolar.

Now Grant and Tim haven’t posted. What the fuck guys did you forget about me?

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Mass Response

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  1. I think you’re wasting time & energy simply because the people who want to be in the industry will do so. They will not be swayed by Shelly or her experiences.

    Those who are swayed, shouldn’t be in it in the first place.

    People like her become a “threat” when other people give her lots of…you know…attention.

  2. We have something in common because I don’t like what you say I think you have a very large sense of self importance that’s a huge turn off to read. Also once again no cares about this Shelley woman except you. Bitching about her for paragraphs that’s what my space is for.

  3. I gave up awhile ago because you never respond directly to the penetrating insights I make. That’s okay, but after experiencing that you’re willing to give fools like Darrah – who make largely incoherent, philosopically superficial, ethically collectivist statements about anything you say, just because you say it – all kinds of pseudo-ego fuel, you shattered my latest periodic fantasy of you as a beautiful Objectivist with a fiery intellect and a courageously honest disposition. I’m sure it will come back, don’t worry. I know the drill here. I face it with my eyes open.

    When that happens, I’ll once again be visiting every day in expectation of something more than non-essential statistical banter and what you’ve been lately passing off as a blog post: The endless back and forth with people who wouldn’t know what fascism was if it bit them in the ass (which it will).

    Besides, it’s kind of a pain in the ass to comment when I keep losing my password. 🙂

  4. Not trying to speak for Kayden or anything, but I don’t think the real issue is that Shelley is trying to put people off porn, but that she’s being used politically to hurt the porn industry. She’s held up as if she’s an expert on every aspect of porn. She’s used to paint the porn industry in an even worse light than it actually deserves.

    People often follow emotion rather than reason, even juries in a court of law, or politicians determining new taxes. If the only side of the story they hear is from anti-porn campaigners, whether they’re Jesus freaks like Shelley, or radical feminists like Gail Dines (who claims that every performer is raped on set), it’ll be no surprise when they do everything they can to fuck over the porn biz.

    Shelley may not be worth caring about on her own, but she’s a useful tool against the porn industry. Call me paranoid if you like, but the proposed porn tax and the Evil Angel obscenity trial aren’t figments of the imagination.

  5. I love you too Grantsinmypants. *rolls eyes* Maybe your type is the typical woman who doesn’t have an opinion right? Oh, there is a link to click when you log in if you forget your password.

  6. Kaden, your personal health is the most important issue. The Gardasil HPV vaccine is recommended for girls between the ages of 11-13, who are not sexually active. It is virtually worthless for an adult sex worker who has been exposed to hpv numerous times. (check this out yourself on the official Gardasil website). It is the constant repeated exposure of porn, or sex workers, that is especially dangerous. I highly suggest you talk to your personal OBGYN about this risk. I think you will be surprised by what you hear.

    And I dont know if you remember the Labdat system that AIM used to use. With a password you could see EVERY single test AIM performed for about a 5 year period(tests covered the the waiver..HIV gonn/chlam). As reportred by th L.A. county Health Dept. between Jan,2003 and March 2005. 976 individuals were reproted by AIM with either gonn, chalm, or both. During that same time AIM tested a total of 2212 indivduals(according to labdat). That means that in two years, almost 50% of performers were infected. And that includes several hundred performers whose entire ‘careeres” consisted of one or two scenes. Thaking those one or two timers out of the equation you get abound 75 to 80% of performers getting either gonn, chalm or both.
    (astronomicaly higher than the genereal public).

    And when citing industry stats you must also take into account the number of “repeat” patients. AIM tests about 1200 performers a month. But every month about 80 to 90% are repeat patients. AIM also likes to pad their stats by basing their percentage of positives compared to the total number of “TESTS’ performed. But every perfomer gets at least 3 tests (HIV,gonn/chlam). Next time you talk to someone about the stats you claim come from AIM ask them what percentage of individual PERFORMERS were positive,not what percentage of ‘tests’ were positive.(HUGE DIFFERENCE)

    And while I may also think Shelly is somewhat of a kook, I dont think she is any more inaccurate than yourself regarding these industry issues. And while you cite the reletively few number of girls Shelly has helped, rest assured she gets dozens of calls every single day. The ones you read about on her sites are those who agree to tell their stories “publicly.” She helped many others, and many who continue to work in the biz, but you never hear about them because they ask that their “stories” not be made public. I have a feeling you are aware of this, but it doesnt fit your argument against Shelly to mention this in your rants.

    And like you said in your posts regarding where your information comes from, I will repeat again, you are very good at repeating the ‘standard’ industry ‘lines’ about these issues. These are the same ‘lines’ that have been repeated so many times that people actually believe they are fact.

    Short list of industry ‘lines”

    1. Porn is a 12-24 billion dollar industry in the U.S.(DID you ever see the thing AVN did about 3 years ago to show how they came up with that number, It was hilarious)

    2. It is safer to have sex with a tested porn performer than someone you meet in a bar.

    3. The porn industry “polices” itself.(who are these porn police and who have they ever sanctioned in any whay at all)

    4. Porn perfomers are independent contractors.

    And just for good measure,,,

    ANd about the STD’s…Everyone in the idustry knows that if you get that little itching feeling in between test you go DR. Ri… at West Coast Urgent care, to get your presctiption. That way you can keep right on working with your ‘clean” AIM test. (see layla jade article from AVN INSIDER about 4 years ago addressing this exact issue). I wonder what that 976 number reported by the LA County Health Dept. would have been if they had cross referenced the AIM reports with West Coast Urgent Care? And then their alot of the veteran perforners who know to ‘take their meds” 5 or 6 days before their monthly tests so as to avoid that pesky word “DETECTED”

  7. I almotst forgot…have you seen the youtube video aof Anita Cannibal being excorted out of a public “workshop discussion” about the industry health. She starts asking to “clarify” the 2.8% number put up by AIM as their infection rate. Even the audience was behind her but she was ejected form the building.

    Granted, her use of the “f” word and her over all demeanor were not exactly professional but when she pointed out that EVERY performer she’s know over the years has had some kind of STD, and that doesnt seem to jive with the 2.8% cited by the panel, she was silenced and removed by security.

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