Mark Kernes and AVN Get it WRONG!

Never mind that they were more than 24 hrs late with the story, even Gene Ross had it this morning.

I like Kernes but the man could fuck up a soup sandwich. In his reporting on AHF suing AIM he does exactly what he accuses AHF of doing, he lies.

Although an AHF press release claims that the organization has “separately been championing safety reforms in the adult film industry,” in fact, the actresses’ primary attorney is Brian Chase, who is also AHF’s assistant general counsel and is representing the actresses without charge (“pro bono”), clearly as part of AHF’s long-running campaign to force the adult industry to adopt a “condom/dental dam/goggles only” policy for sex scenes.

Now in AHFs defense it is wrong to say that they advocate the use of dental dams and googles, they have only stated that they advocate the use of condoms, so when Kernes makes this statement it is no different than AHF saying that AIM discourages the use of condoms, rendering Mark as hare brained as they are on this, but lets face it, it all plays well in the media to their respective target audiences.

Kernes goes on to state:

AHF is seeking to have its lawsuit certified for “class action” status, and if that were accomplished, it would mean that all adult performers would be considered plaintiffs, whether they approved of the lawsuit or not.

While that may technically be true in the terms of the eyes of the legal system in actuality it just aint so, in order to receive any compensation from the suit, performers would have to join the class and request whatever settlement is made.

He makes this statement:

The AIM regimen has prevented all HIV transmission within the hetero adult community for the past six years, and kept transmission of STDs a very low levels.

Which is CLEARLY false, it has been shown by AIMs own numbers that people in the industry really do have a much higher incidence of STDs than either the national, the California or the LA county populace does.

Instead of making it a personal thing Kernes should have reported on this objectively, it does not serve our industry well when he is as guilty of stating falsehoods as AHF is.

If the industry wants to win this they need to approach it with common sense, not empty rhetoric and false statements.

I predict in the end that Condoms will be mandated but that AIM will prevail in the civil suit but part two of that is iffy, AHF has good lawyers, AIM clearly does not.

Personally I see the condom issue as a matter of choice, that’s what I’d like it to be but Im not going to bullshit you and say thats what it will be, the odds of that are slim and none. I’d also like to see Desi and Ellie and AHF lose the civil suit, woeful as the testing may be and as poorly executed as it is, disclosure of the test results, with the consent of the performers, is paramount to the safety of the performers whether the scenes are done with condoms or not.

AVN has disappointed me on this one.

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Mark Kernes and AVN Get it WRONG!

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5 Responses

  1. No doubt. And it still kills me that the attitude is parental. Darren James contracts HIV and sues AIM, etc… Can someone tell me if I’m wrong? My understanding is that Darren went to Brazil with T.T. Boy’s company (a pimple on the face of humanity), and had unprotected sex with untested prostitutes, then claims that “the adult industry” caused him to get infected, and then he infects others upon his return to work in The States. That piece of shit allowed someone as vile as T.T. Boy (ugh!), to dictate how he had sex in another country and then our industry is effected in such a way that some female doing her first fucking scene is infected by these punks. It’s not just a matter of choice, it’s a matter of responsibility. T.T. Boy is a piece of shit. He and Max Hardcore and Rob Black hate the talent because they hate themselves, yet there’s no way to absolutely protect yourself because there’s no way to know who’s going to fuck you, no matter what preemptive steps you take.

    Angelo Mozilo of Countrywide maintained his poker face about not screwing people right up until the housing bubble had already burst. Bernie Madoff had plenty of clients who swore by him. At what point do we stop blaming everybody else and start steering our own ship? It’s all still about choice. And that’s important! The ability to choose. How many lives have been ruined by scam artists in every industry. It doesn’t mean you do away with it. The planet is overrun but putrid filth on every front. Fuck Max Hardcore, fuck Darren James, fuck Bernie Madoff and Angelo Mozilo, and fuck Shelley Lubben. I’m supposed to be against misogynistic terminology towards women, but I can’t stand that cunt!

  2. I’m not in L.A., for which I am eternally grateful (although I love visiting), so perhaps I’m not “in the know” about such things — however, I’m told that condom vs. no-condom is not as much a choice for performers as might be optimal.

    I realize that bareback = $$ and I understand why.

    I also understand why some performers prefer to use condoms.

    Personally, I’d like to see testing and then genuine choice for performers about whether or not they also use condoms. If there’s pressure to make either choice, it makes coming to a genuine decision more problematic and it becomes a workplace issue that needs to be addressed.

    Shrill absolutists on either side do not make the situation easier to deal with.

  3. @MikeSouth1226 Porn been living in denyle over Aim now it can not. Wake up porn people good times are over bad times are here. Porn can no longer live in denyle over issues becuase enemies well keep attack them on those issues untill they win. Call them name well not work on those enemies. But common sense fight them on issues well.

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