Lolly Ink’s Father died?

According to the folks at Nightmoves Lolly cant attend the show because her father died.  I would add LOL but who knows maybe it’s true. But I doubt it…

Tip to pornchicks..if yer gonna go with that story you might want to watch your twitter posts…

Also I was contacted by Derek from L.A. Direct and it sounds like he dropped Teal Conrad for being flakey….One thing I will say for Derek these days he is absolutely  working hard to to make sure that L.A. Direct it is the best agency in adult and it’s showing.  The girls I talk to are evry happy with him and I have heard only good things from everyone..congrats to Derek for that.



123350cookie-checkLolly Ink’s Father died?

Lolly Ink’s Father died?

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  1. Porn girls being flakey is a common occurrence in this industry. Its why Agents and Managers have to work their asses off to get the girls to sets on time and ready to work.

  2. This is exactly why I just shake my head and laugh when I see people in this business (sometimes even directors) talking about how things would be better without agents. Trust me. They wouldn’t. Directors would have to call every single girl individually to book them. They would have to deal with every model not knowing her schedule, having to “get back to them”, accidentally double booking themselves, etc. They’d have to deal with models not answering their phones, not being able to get themselves to set (half of them don’t drive), not having any recourse when a girl doesn’t show up, models not keeping track of their schedules and forgetting about shoots, models forgetting to test for a shoot, models claiming they never received call sheets etc. It truly is a full time job to keep the models in this business accountable and on track. There are many headaches that agents handle behind the scenes for directors that they don’t even know about. Not only that, but go ahead and try to get an independent model to pay you a cancellation fee or reimburse you for a flight you paid for that they missed. Good luck with that!

    There are certainly incompetent agents in this business. I’m not saying all of them are helpful. But, the cream rises to the top and there are some great ones who thanklessly save producer’s (and model’s) asses regularly.

    By the way, that Lolly Ink girl has been with nearly every agency. When you see a girl bounce around from agency to agency, its a sure sign that no one wants to book her and she’s probably a pain in the ass. Sorry hunny, but if you’re with 5 different agencies, and all of them have a hard time booking/managing you, maybe its YOU not them.

  3. Don’t jump on Mike. The girl is a perpetual flake and liar who can’t get her act together or her story straight since she’s saying her dad died 3 times. Looks like her days in the business are numbered.

  4. Don’t count her out yet. You can’t flunk out of porn. Well only Raven Alexis, Donny Long, and Mr. Marcus managed to do that.

  5. We shall see Karmafan. I’m glad Mike outted her. People need to know about this kind of stuff.

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