Lie To Me

I’m not a big baseball fan, I enjoy going to a game now and again but when it comes to professional sports I think we pay grown men way too much money to play little boys games.

The United States government has announced that we are going to file charges against baseball player Roger Clemens for lying to Congress about steroid use.

Now I understand that Congress needs to know the truth to make informed decisions, that’s why we have so many lobbyists (Thats tongue in cheek)

That’s my problem here, I don’t like the idea that we can’t lie to Congress, or the FBI or whomever but THEY CAN lie to us, and do so with regularity.Last I checked as a tax paying American citizen I outrank even the President of the United States, he works for me, so does congress, so does the FBI and so do the cab drivers with guns that call themselves police (not all police…you know the ones I mean). So why is it they can lie to me?

What was the result of Roger Clemens lying about steroid use? We all know drugs are bad yadayada. George Bush KNOWINGLY lied and started a war that cost American lives. Hell Truman, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon ALL lied about Viet Nam to start and expand that war. Why weren’t they indicted?

You want people to be honest with you you should show the same courtesy, specially to the people who pay your over inflated salaries!

Free Roger Clemens, Indict George W Bush, and everyone in congress who has lied to us.

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Lie To Me

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5 Responses

  1. “George Bush KNOWINGLY lied and started a war that cost American lives.”

    Just wondering…just interested…

    Mr. South….exactly what are you saying that George Bush
    (41 or 43?…or both?) “KNOWINGLY” lied about?

  2. its like they have nothing better to do with their time. Who gives a fuck if they used steriods or not.

  3. He knew that the story about the yellow cake uranium buy was a propaganda story from the INC, the director of the CIA and Colin Powell both told him that story was unverifiable and that is was not true. No American spoke with any person, ever, who verified that story. Bush knew the story wasn’t true but he also knew the wmd idea had legs with the media so he used it as the basis for invading Iraq.

    That was the basis for the whole wmd story, the wmd’s we never found because there weren’t any.

  4. Oh come on Mike… Don’t you know the rules? When we lie to the government, it’s a crime. When the government lies to us, it’s politics.

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