Let’s Pat Ourselves On The Back Shall We?

OK people, it’s getting ridiculous.

Just how many awards shows do we need? Are we going to keep adding awards shows until everyone associated with porn wins something once a year?

And what exactly has anyone in porn done that is award WORTHY? Aside from Dave Cummings who is a bona fide war hero I can’t think of a soul, but he didn’t do that in porn.

And let’s be completely honest here, just how objective can you be when you accept money from the people you give awards to, is that REALLY an award or just a paid for promotional consideration?

Look at the next one, the FAME Awards, that one is a failing, Genesis Magazine (Magna Publishing) and Adam and Eve, and do you really think those are honest? Belladonna wanted nothing to do with them last year, stating that they are “fixed” and she is likely correct. If you look at that particular site, these are easy awards to fix. I could win one, easily, for male performer of the year….even though I don’t perform much anymore. But I expect Dan Davis knows this and probably just picks who he wanted to win anyway, or whomever Katy Z tells him to pick.

But come on, does it really matter? The only awards that mean anything in this biz are the AVN Awards and one of those and 5 bucks will get ya a coffee at an overpriced coffee shop.

The only, really honest awards are the XRCO Awards, at least there’s no overt advertiser influence with those. All the adult critics vote on what they think was best and there aren’t categories for meaningless stuff.

If people in porn would concentrate on making award worthy porn as hard as they concentrate on coming up with ways to give themselves awards, we might pull out of this slump.

38310cookie-checkLet’s Pat Ourselves On The Back Shall We?

Let’s Pat Ourselves On The Back Shall We?

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  1. But…but…do you have an opinion on the subject?

    Kidding. Anoher great piece.

  2. Hey I’m not biased…I have never won an XRCO and probably wont since I dont release vide via retail anymore and I still pimped ya.

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