Latest Patient Zero Now Testing Negative

According to the latest stories the guy who tested positive last week is now testing negative.

That is indeed good news.

Now can we finally start exercising some degree of responsibility, I know it’s asking a lot.

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Latest Patient Zero Now Testing Negative

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  1. “Now can we finally start exercising some degree of responsibility, I know it’s asking a lot.”

    How true! You’re surely asking a lot if you expect that bloggers will refrain from outing performers and they writing “Ooops! sorry, that guy is not HIV+ but he is on the exposure list” then outing someone else only to later say “Sorry again! actually that guy is HIV-” I hope people will “start exercising some degree of responsibility” and stop using lines like “I do know this….It was a Brazzers set in Florida and there are unbelievable circumstances surrounding it.” just to get more hits for their blog. But yeah, I am probably asking a lot…

  2. @Fartz – No amount of money would make this go away if first and second generation performers started testing positive. None have, and, if upon re-testing (after some period of time has elapsed) none do, this is done. Patient Alpha, and those the patient worked with, have been identified and quarantined.

  3. I certainly hope this was a false alarm. However, I suspect it was not. Patient Alpha may not have HIV, but I do believe that he had a positive test at some point (maybe a false positive) and it was either ignored by the Brazzers director or he did not know to ask for Western Blot confirmation rather than another PCR-DNA test.

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  5. All of this lends some truth to the original false positive story.

    What’s really going to bake everyone’s noodle is, if any of the girls come back positive after he tested negative.

    Either way, it will all be swept under the rug by the end of the month or sooner.

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