Kayden Kross Performs at the Flamingo Showclub

 Penthouse Pet and Adam & Eve contract star Kayden Kross took time out of her very busy schedule to come see us at the Flamingo Showclub in Dayton, Ohio last night — it was an hour out of her way, and she was there practically right off the plane from LAX. She did an amazing show onstage which blew away everyone in attendance, she was pleasant and smart and funny and beautiful. I can’t thank her enough for coming out to say hello and hang out and for being as cool as she was last night.

She must have signed 1000 autographs and posed for twice that many photos, and never once lost her smile. She posed for one of Dirty Bob’s special Christmas cards, and she posed in a pair of thong underwear for a clothing line that Ohio NightVision magazine is launching, even though the photographer creeped her out. She put up with Kincaide’s sexual advances. She gave out Adam & Eve DVDs and copies of Penthouse, all personalized of course, she recorded some on-air liners for Paulie at WTUE, she smiled even when there were 10 people in the room she was trying to use as a dressing room, and she never once pointed out to Mike South that a 50-year-old man looks foolish in pink sunglasses.

Animal, one of my bouncers, is in love, but that’s nothing unusual —  she charmed us all and had the entire staff eating out of her hand in about five minutes.

If you’re a club owner or an adult video store owner, I HIGHLY recommend you consider booking Kayden Kross for a feature show or appearance. I’ve worked with more porn actresses than I care to remember, and this girl is nothing short of amazing. Contact Kayden directly through this website for bookings — your customers will thank you, as mine did.

Thanks again to Kayden, and thanks to Mike and Serenity for all their help and for getting her back and forth to Dayton safely.



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Kayden Kross Performs at the Flamingo Showclub

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  1. South if you start stealing all of my gimmick Im gonna be pissed. Youll have to gain a few lbs to sport a fur coat bare bellied though.

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