Just When It Was Safe To Go Outside

We have bar here in REDNECKVILLE, hard by downtown.

Selling Barack Obama-Curious George t-shirts for a laugh. Thank you freedom of speech, it applies to all of us, even to our peril. I hate that degrading animalization shit.

I love my town and its Blackness, my favorite part, my town. 

I have Steve Prefontaine t-shirt, the shameless hucksters at NIKE patterned it after the Che photo so famous. It’s cool when a runner, usually a young skinny girl says ” HEY! Steve Prefontaine! “  not when a non runner say’s “ is that Che Guevara?”

All they know from him is a revolutionary. Not a Communist murderer, like he was, he and his pal Fidel.

Pre was a courageous gifted athlete, a wonderful forgotten seventies icon, a stud on the track, wonderful blessed youth tragically lost to a bad decision.

Che was a Marxist and looks good on a shirt, too. His iconic status brings scowls in communities that had to flee the wrath. They don’t welcome those memories.

Barack Obama is a Chicago politician, and perhaps our next President. And now the rednecks rear their disgusting head. They have a t-shirt and brave protesters outside the bar, good for them. I fear what’s next.

Che, Fidel and their boys didn’t cotton objecting political speech or dissent. Not one little bit.

The “ healing” that Barack’s candidacy brings is long salved in Atlanta, so I hoped. The Camelot comparisons are sweet, and deep. Michelle’s the hottest would be first lady since ever. If he’ll decriminalize he’s got my vote, he’s young, energetic and NOT experienced, that’s reason enough.

I might’ve dropped into this or the other wacky, vaguely racist bar or “heritage “ business and spent a buck on a buzz and chuckle at the local political bungholes. It used to be funny to buy and give a bumper sticker from Lester Mattox’ campaign to my politically active democrat friends, but not anymore.

No, they won’t get my buck. They can’t have it. Because now I have to wake and after confirming life, remember I live here where this worthless gesture has sucked that much more public consciousness in order to consider the plight of the public racist fool. You have screwed up a long fought civic identity and dropped your turd, in my home, right on the rug.

I will spit when I see you.


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Just When It Was Safe To Go Outside

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  1. Don’t you think the not experienced part is scary for someone running for the biggest job in this country? He’ll have others telling him what to do and won’t know how to handle anything himself. Look at the current Bush as an example!!

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