Jules Jordan is NOT Happy With Me.

He sends this email:

 “Hey Mike, why dont you make your story about tube sites and show facts?, try being informative. I have nothing to do with tube sites, nice try to sensationalize.  I should have known, you are a true douchebag!  I spend alot of time sending DMCA’s to all tube sites, I do not support them.


My reply:

“look dude  I told you this was coming…you are putting money into the pockets of tube sites, if yer ok with that own it. Everyone already knows the threat they present, thats why what you are doing sucks

Either decide yer in bed with em or decide you arent but dont try to say Im a great guy who fights this shit while writing checks to the companies that own the biggest ones.”
Jules responds:

“You didnt tell me I was the subject of your article, thats bullshit…make the article about tubesites not me….why dont you show your facts that show who owns the tubesites?  I have nothing to do with putting money into pockets of tube sites.”
My reply:
I suggest you do some research on who you do business with I already did.  I told you Brazzers owns many of these sites (try dns lookups)

If you write checks to brazzers you are writing checks to the owners of the largest tube sites. If you don’t like that idea then maybe you should reconsider your business relationship, if yer OK with that then at least have the balls to say so.

I don’t need to rehash why tube sites are bad everyone already has heard that, ad nauseam. They get it believe me.

You don’t want fleas I suggest you not lie down with dogs bro.

31370cookie-checkJules Jordan is NOT Happy With Me.

Jules Jordan is NOT Happy With Me.

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5 Responses

  1. Mike-Do us all a favor and site some examples of Brazzers owned Tube sites. Or at least some concrete evidence of such.I can understand not wanting to give these maggots free publicity, but you’re hardly proving your point with “I told you Brazzers owns many of these sites (try dns lookups)”. Sounds like hearsay evidence to me.

  2. Mike I see your point to a degree. I also see Jules point to a very good degree. When I worked for a distribution company we sold many producers material along with many websites material.

    I actually think the real issue is massive amounts of DVD titles and not enough store shelf space first off. Second off when DVD first came out my fellow adult idiots did not keep prices at the wholesale rate distribution houses where selling the VHS product. This was and still is a massive mistake. The stores did not drop their prices if anything they raised them. So thus we had the stores telling the distribution houses how to do their jobs.

    Next would be the advent of the 3ccd camera. This took adult from a elite boys club to a mom and pop operation especially as prices dropped. So many people came into the business that where slinging crap porn and we still bought it. Gonzo became the normal with guys like Porno Dan ( I love you Dan) but his product is utter crap. Your product is really not much better Mike. I know your in the amateur world but that is a huge part of the issue.

    Once people could make porn and call it amateur that was a huge hit especially since it costs next to nothing to make and sells very well.

    So as time went on the LA porn world has taken repeated hits. From many fronts this is not something new or something that can be laid at the front of the online websites or even tube sites.

    To get the product that your claiming Brazzers is giving away do you realize it’s as easy as signing up to be an affiliate and downloading much of it? If not you ICQ many of these sites and express that you want to be able to cut your own clips they give you a pass word and let you download it and do it yourself. That takes a genius to figure out they let it happen. Every single company in the world has a website that downloads. Every single one has the blasted affiliate site. They let the thefts right in the back door.

    As for the state of the industry I figure we have less then 5 years left for several reasons. First off what we have is tired the girls are nasty and really over used. If you look on the agent sites these girls are gross. Next they are not worth the cost that Derek or some one else is charging. Plus if my costs for a budget are down so is there fee and it will keep going down.

    Next in my honest opinion the only people that will survive are the Solo girl sites due to the fact that they are a niche in themselves. But I think any of them that keep an affiliate site will be gone as well. These ladies have to go old school and new school and do a bit of experimentation. I know most of my clients are see a slow climb back up. But that is doing hardcore SEO and SEM and social marketing too. Plus you have to have the lady ready and willing to bust her ass too.

    As for DVD’s I think a few companies that have high budget couples material such as DP and maybe Adam and Eve and possibly Vivid will survive and still turn out DVD product.

    As for VOD it is the biggest joke this industry has seen. Till these companies can be honest and do real pay outs and not scrub your bill and what ever else they do sneaky its a joke.

    So all and all this is a mess and many are not smart enough to get out of it. I also think this is just what adult needs is some very very lean years. Plus with little product coming out in 5-10 years it will be time for new quality product to come back out with some unique ideas.

    Thanks for the time and my 2 cents.


  3. I forgot one thing. Did everyone in this industry forget the definition of the word ” EXCLUSIVE ”

    ???Main Entry: 1ex·clu·sive
    Pronunciation: \iks-?klü-siv, -ziv\
    Function: adjective
    Date: 1515

    1 a : excluding or having power to exclude b : limiting or limited to possession, control, or use by a single individual or group
    2 a : excluding others from participation b : snobbishly aloof
    3 a : accepting or soliciting only a socially restricted patronage (as of the upper class) b : stylish, fashionable c : restricted in distribution, use, or appeal because of expense
    4 a : single, sole b : whole, undivided

    — ex·clu·sive·ly adverb

    — ex·clu·sive·ness noun

    Only way to make money is to make people come to you because your the only one to have said product. This also goes to the Talent side of the industry also a girl that shoots 300 scenes in a year is not exclusive or even remotely unique or limited. This girls $ value is basically worth about 50 cents.

    This also goes to not having affiliate programs that give said exclusive product away for free.

  4. John, you’ve made a number of statements of fact that are really just your personal opinion, and when compared to the realities they just don’t hold up. For example, if these companies wanted their full length scenes on these tube sites they wouldn’t be spending huge amounts of time and money getting them removed.

    It’s bullshit justification like you’ve just posted that allows this kind of theft to continue nearly unchecked. You can’t be ‘sort of’ pregnant any more than you can be ‘sort of’ a thief. It’s an all or none proposition.

    These tubes sites have the huge traffic due to all this stolen content. I’ve seen the proof that Mike mentions above, it’s pretty air tight as to who owns/controls these tubes.

    If you lay with dogs, you’re going to get fleas.

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