Jules Jordan Blows Himself

From Mark:

Did you read the Jules Jordan interview in the latest AVN? He spends
over half the interview blowing himself! AMAZING!!!! His releases
are starting to suck anyway….

With Respect

Danny Writes:

Congrats to JT, he has figured out what we learned a year or so ago, every store in our chain does better without the extra long run time titles.

Don Corleone Writes:

Did you see that interview in AVN with Jules Jordan? What a stroke job, nowhere did it mention that Jules work in Paul Fishbein’s store in Philly, or that Paul got him his job at IVD, or that Paul got him the job at Evil Angel, or that Paul helped him get started with his company.

Nowhere does it mention that IVD and the other distributors pay Jules on time, unlike every one else who they pay whenever the fuck they get around to it, like they do with me. It’s nice to be Paul’s butt boy.

And I didn’t see any mention about Jules aiding and abetting piracy of every company in porn by supporting Brazzers, like you have pointed out that he does.

What a fucking lame thing for AVN to do,  you know they did it in response to your criticism of him. I guarantee you they did.

Jules Jordan is just another fucking bottom feeder and that is how he should be remembered in this business.

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Jules Jordan Blows Himself

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