Isadore Hall

Remember all the usual industry suspects who predicted the end of Isadore Hall’s career. Hall had so tainted himself by his preoccupation with the adult industry, and had ruined his “legacy” with his loosing bills against the industry. Well what do you know, they were all wrong again. Looks like the people of California gave Assemblyman Hall a promotion. It’s now State Senator Hall, after a recent special election to fill a vacant seat. Congradulations Mr. Hall!
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Isadore Hall

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  1. Most of the people in this industry are never right about anything. They all appear to live in their own world/bubble and they have no clue how people in the public, like myself, perceive them… They are quite a cast of characters, indeed! So I am not surprised that Isadore Hall won and yikes! not good for you guys, eh?

    By the way, whatever happened to the ” remove weinstein ” campaign? Another success for you guys, huh? Lol

  2. got to agree with ya commonsense. These guys have been preaching to the choir for so long that the not only do the dupes,,,oops, performers beleive them, they actually believe themselves. To paraphrase Sharon Mitchell, “Denial is the backbone of pornography,,,,”
    Complete quote, Denial is the backbone of pornography when it comes to healthcare.
    And Hall was endoresed by Gov. Brown. Remember a few months ago when I predicted that there would be a direct appeal to Gov Brown to appoint a special committee to look into this issue, and the statewide initiative(which you heard of first here also)? And do ya all remember the famous Chambers Brothers song, “Time Has Come Today”

  3. @jilted: I don’t think all the performers are dupes.. I think that some of them are naive (18 and 19 year olds) some are just dumb, some have an agenda, some want the PR and some of them know they are being taken advantage of, used and lied to and either don’t give a shit or are too afraid to speak up.. In other words, They are willing participants. It makes it really hard to sympathize with them…If ya don’t speak out.. You get what ya deserve…you are not victims! That might sound mean .but it’s true!

    Ps. Every time there is a moratorium or Weinstein or hall win something…duke release’s the same recycled lol script… What’s the matter Dianne, Can’t ya afford a new scriptwriter? or do you do that because you think if ya tell a lie often enough people will start to believe it? If the latter is the case …well the performers may be stupid enough to believe ya but most people in the public aren’t! which is why measure B passed and why anything else Weinstein puts on the ballot will pass too. Unlike you guys, Weinstein is not stupid..
    What a cast of characters! Lol

  4. This could be like a holiday gift that keeps on giving depending on which committees Hall serves in the Senate

  5. Now I would like to see someone start enforcing the law…
    What is the good of passing bills if no one is going to enforce the law?!?
    if someone starts enforcing the law and starts to fine and arrest the “we do what we want” crowd… Than I GUARANTEE they will change their views real fast… And if they run.. Follow them..

    I mean Who the hell do you people think you are? I don’t know of one other industry that gets to tell the government to go fuck themselves, we are not following your laws.. We do what we want! NOT ONE! Let alone get away with it! It is already the law under OSHA! You are suppose to wear condoms! There is no choice! If ya don’t like it ..too bad! get another job, losers.

    Again, NOTHING is ever going to change no matter how many bills are passed without enforcement! This fight has been going on for YEARS. Unbelievable… People are dying at their keyboards ..that’s how long this fight has been going on.. SOMEONE? ANYONE? .. .. Please enforce the law! Thank you! 🙂

  6. FSC, unimportant. AHF, got what he wanted but he can’t go around enforcing it in L.A. The easiest way for him to find out where and when a girl is shooting is through her agent, right? Yeah people shooting without condoms anticipate that. And they just shoot just up the freeway. Lol oddly enough a lot of people have been shooting in downtown L.A. Hmmm go figure. Whitacre /Tompkins/M foster? Never heard anyone speak of them except here. I don’t know of anyone in the industry worried about what these people have to say. Isadore Hall, I wish him well. I hope he makes the business just a little tougher so we can clear out the riff raff and get back to making money. The people that speak for the industry ( with the exception of Steven hirsch) don’t matter. Manuel Ferrera, Jules Jordan, Porno Dan ( I mention them because you know who they are)are out there shooting every week, but you don’t hear from them. And for each of those guys there’s 2 shooters you’ve never heard of. And for those of you that don’t know, it’s very easy to make a phone call and have a scene or two shot in nevada, Florida, mexico or Europe. In fact it’s cheaper out of the country. I can have a hard drive with the scenes I want fully documented within a week or two. Do you guys know who Bob Christian is? Owns Adam and eve, never hear from him. Mike South knows the only other company owners you ever heard from were Joone and Samantha back in the day at digital playground or Jill Kelly. ( btw mike I’ve got Sams number if you’re ever in need)

  7. I for one will NOT be congratulating Izzy Hall. Weinfuck and Izzy have it out for the porn industry and are attempting to use condoms as a end-run around the first amendment which allows porn to exist in any form to run porn first out of CA and then out of the US. They know just as well as I do that porn cannot exist in its current form with a condom-required mandate (only Steve Orenstein and Axel Braun from Wicked and Porno Dan from Immoral Productions would even think of trying in today’s production climate, Dan is having some success likely due to the unique “fun” format of his scenes where the quality of the fucking and sucking is secondary to the “fun and easy” format, Steve/Axel have a small sliver of the porn market that evidently pays his bills but doesn’t allow him a wildly successful company, Axel’s profitability is based mainly on his parodies where the quality of the sex is secondary as well — I wish both companies the very best but there isn’t a market for any more condom-required companies IMO). I hope Weinfuck and his boyfriend have a spare place at his Christmas dinner table for poor Izzy the Baptist preacher because otherwise he will likely be celebrating all alone this December 24 because he is the biggest prick in LA County. As for my Christmas greetings — Izzy Hall and Michael Weinstein, fuck you and go fuck each other up the ass with your (in Weinstein’s case, anyway, hopefully soon to be Izzy’s case as well) HIV infested dicks! If I could wave a magic wand and give dick and brain cancer to Weinfuck and Izzy I would.

  8. How about Weinstein start reporting all the companies/people that film in Florida and Vegas? It’s illegal to film porn in these places. The only reason they get away with it is because they don’t make noise/film under the radar… Not only can they be arrested for pandering and prostition …but under osha they should be wearing condoms there too… And YES I am saying to also arrest the performers They are willing participants…not victims!

  9. And all Weinstein or whoever has to do is go on the companies site and watch one the scenes to see the performers are not wearing condoms.. Fine and arrest..

  10. In all honesty AHF gave the porn industry what it had coming. Workplace safety requirements apply to all industry. Try looking over the osha book for stunts on a mainstream movie. Could we have cleaned up our act in porn and put our best face forward? Sure, but it would have always been close.

    Even if it goes state wide, that could take years. Nationwide even longer if ever. In all honesty if you wanted to spend the money you can edit the condom out and no one could tell. But it’s too expensive and the cum shot is still a problem. And it’s easy and cheaper to order some scenes from a shooter abroad.

  11. you don’t have to catch them in the act. Lol just watch the scene….
    And remember it’s illegal to film porn everywhere else except NH… Win/win! Fine and arrest! Even the performers! That’s change we can believe in! 😉

  12. I believe porno Dan was fined and he got scared and went all condom.. He did it not because he cares about the performers but because he cares about saving his own ass.

    That’s my point… Start enforcing the law and these pussies will give in ASAP…

  13. You can tell from an interior of a house or from a set what city or state or country it’s filmed in? And no, I don’t know who those guys are. I’ve read mentions of them here. But you’re right, in the times I’ve spoken to Axel he didn’t mention he was having a problem with anyone by those names.

  14. What part of it is illegal to film everywhere except cal and NH don’t ya get? If they say the scene was not shot in one of those states ITS ILLEGAL where they filmed… No laws to protect them.. Report them … Get them arrested for pandering and prostition! Oh and they are filming in another country? Lol nice try!

    Oh and you spoke to axel yet you NEVER heard of whiteacre and Tompkins who tweet and kiss his ass daily… Lol

  15. And you are right it could take years which is why someone needs to start enforcing the law NOW! Enough of this crap already.. No other industry on earth would get away with this shit… NO ONE!

  16. Common you get a little excited don’t you. Uhh yeah Axel didn’t mention those guys last time I talked to him, but we generally don’t talk about his twitter feed. It’s not required to list the location of your scenes on the website. And yeah guys from Europe call here and have scenes shot for them too. Marco Banderas does nothing but shoot scenes here in L.A for a website in Spain. And Nacho Vidal shoots scenes all across Europe for companies here in the states. Is all of this too complicated or far fetched? Lol

  17. yep I do get excited when it comes to dealing with lying anonymous industry people like yourself.. 😉

    Again , not sure why hall and Weinstein are wasting time on all these bills when it is already the law in every state in the country , under OSHA for the performers to wear condoms. But in only two of those states is it legal to film porn… So it is already state law in California.. All someone has to do is enforce it… And the rest of what you said? Lol and yawn…

    Ps.. You are in the industry and talk to axel but have no clue who whiteacre, Tompkins or monica foster is because axel didn’t mention them? . Lol…. How many others in the industry can say that.. They have been around for YEARS after all! Lol. That’s what I love about you characters.. You are really bad liars…. I mean blah blah blah… Snore..

  18. I am sure you are right! It will be soooooo difficult for Weinstein to figure out where you guys are filming.. After all .. You guys are such genius’s… Lol

  19. I am not sure how the laws would apply for the guy who films in LA for a Spanish site but thanks for mentioning it… I am sure if Weinstein just happens to read that he will look into it… And the info on nacho too.. Lol

  20. Fair enough, I only take exception to the part about a lie being told by me.

    And I suppose I understand what you mean, dealing with anonymous non industry people that have strong opinions without having proper insight is difficult.

    Not many companies operate completely outside of the grey area. It doesn’t matter what the industry it is. But the morality and politics of that discussion is far more than what I want to get into. Try moving to mayberry or something, but this town or the entertainment industry as a whole will do nothing but disappoint your high expectations.

  21. Yeah, kind of like we talk about you. And yeah I’ve talked to Axel? He is a director, he has a post production company and edits scenes for other people for money, you know? It’s how he makes his living. Lol I guess talking to Steven Hirsch would be unheard of. How funny.

  22. I don’t know mike either. I don’t know any of the people that have blogs. It had been a few years since I read mike’s site until a few months ago. I’m sure some other people in our industry don’t read this site at all and I’m sure some read it daily. With all due respect there is nothing on this site that is essential to my day to day operations so I hadn’t been here for a long time. I haven’t been on msn for years either, and I used to love that browser.

  23. @commonsense

    “How about Weinstein start reporting all the companies/people that film in Florida and Vegas? It’s illegal to film porn in these places.”

    AHF complained in 2011 and since in Florida to OSHA and others…2014 they made a very public complaint in Nevada….no one went to jail. They get away with it because prosecutors won’t go after a case they aren’t reasonably sure they’ll win. Florida and the FBI have prosecuted many for underage porn to the extent that major producers report and cooperate in fake ID situations vs risk getting caught. Don’t kid yourself into the idea that adult film is UTR outside California.

  24. @commonsense

    Actually there are very few municipalities where it is “illegal” to film adult content via enforceable laws on the books. Just because it isn’t expressly legalized doesn’t make it “illegal”

  25. @insider

    We actually live in what most would consider a “Mayberry USA” town…our cops are so bored they email asking folks to call or stop by with any questions or concerns they might have…and they mean it!

    The cops send warning notices if three cars get broken into for change or worse garage door openers, three house robberies in three months was a serious crime to crack and best of all they appease the old folks as they caution parents of high school seniors that ‘senior shoot out tag’ is happening again….seriously…if you’re naked on your property it’s like home base but it causes issues when little old ladies are worried the streaker might be a robber….don’t count on Mayberry USA to arrest anyone filming adult content….unless they park a commercially marked vehicle on the street overnight 😉

  26. Nope. It doesn’t make it legal either. Like I said there are NO LAWS to protect the performers/producers/directors… They CAN be arrested for pandering and prostition if someone starts complaining/reporting them…

  27. @insider: Another thing I find odd are people who are associated with the industry who post anonymously on here… Why? Only people in the public should be posting anonymously for obvious reasons. But someone who is in/associated with the industry? That’s weird. I mean, If you are telling the truth and stand 100% behind your views. Than why post anonymously? Being a member of the public your actions are telling me that you know you are full of shit and being a coward you don’t want to be identified when people finally figure that out…..I mean . You can’t be hiding from whiteacre or Tompkins.. because you have no clue who they are and because they are great guys you have heard of absolutely no one those two pussycats have harassed/stalked or bullied…So I don’t understand…why the big secret?

    Ps.. Lol keep spinning. You keep jumping from one thing to the next like a few other people do on here… I don’t believe you and I am not sure why you are giving me this speech about Mike… I never mentioned him… Lol you guys are real characters… Lol

  28. @lurkingreader .. You are a complete weirdo who in your own delusional mind you actually think you are important and you talk in riddle….Stop smoking the pot.. And for a housewife you have a lot of free time on your hands and are completely obsessed with the industry. I mean how long have you been commenting on these blogs? I just found out you use to comment on TRPWL…And what exactly have you accomplished? Lol truly pathetic…

  29. If you weren’t buddies with Mike. I am positive you would have been laughed off the blog along with a few of your other buddies by now. 😉

  30. A couple of months ago they recovered something like $100 million cash in drug cartel proceeds in L.A’s fashion district which is downtown. A few blocks away from there closer to the staples center in the maze that is downtown I know of 3 people that shoot scenes. It’s got to be a slow month for true crime for the police to locate these studios and write tickets.

  31. And I wouldn’t be surprised if lurking reader knows this “insider” because I made such a fool out of her the other day and she knows it.. And it’s not that difficult because I only pointed out the facts,.. Now she don’t like me…. Waaaa!
    You people are crazy. You are all smoke and mirrors. And y’all have your own little agendas….
    I think I have had enough of this blog. Too many kooks on here.. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of ya were posting under numerous names… Anything for the agenda! Lol agree with yourselves lol

  32. Common I don’t need to convince you of anything. I’ve given my opinion and insight on the industry that I’m in.

  33. Insider, next time you see Axel tell him to keep up the good work! I personally think all porn sets should be truly condom optional but have to recognize good work when I see it. You can also ask Leya Falcon about condom allergies and (whether she realizes it or not) having what could have been a deadly reaction from having a latex rubber band flicked at her at a strip club where she was feature dancing — she has to go so far as to use special condoms not made from latex when she needs to use one (my understanding is that type of condom does not even work as well as latex does in general and latex condoms fail more often than not in and of themselves when used for a porn scene), her experience with latex allergies is enough to convince almost anyone (except Weinfuck and Izzy, evidently) that condoms aren’t the best solution in adult film. I would like to see the public’s reaction to her latex rubber allergy and how a condom mandate theoretically could force her out of her job, Leya should actually star in a political commercial explaining why a condom mandate is wrong for society if Weinfuck’s ballot initiative actually hits the ballots. I think with a little coaching as to how to present effectively a commercial during prime time in CA with Leya would do more to convince voters to vote no on a condom mandate than fifty of Diane Duke’s press conferences broadcast live during prime time on ABC, CBS and NBC.

  34. @commonsense

    IF lol IF does nothing to change prosecutorial discretionary stance or the fact that prosecutors and states aren’t willing to lose the next Freeman prosecution.

  35. @commonsense

    Who the fuck made you arbiter of my life? How or where I choose to spend my time is my business and I have no shame for my accomplishments over the past 18 months…nor will I ever stoop to justifying them to you.

    Lastly…it’s not exactly a NEWSFLASH that I made a few comments on a handful of isolated posts on other sites…though it maybe a NEWSFLASH to you that your attempts to stir shit with mentions of certain people and sites has likely surpassed mharris obsession with…in his case age and senility may be a factor…in yours…they have pills for OCD.

  36. Oh you mean the way folks laugh their asses as of you here when you try to front for your butt buddies?

  37. @insider

    Porn claims uniqueness as an exemption to mainstream industry regulations which is a direct contradiction to their stated desire for mainstream respectability and acceptance.

    The fashion district bust was a direct result of operation choose point where the DOJ/FBI cracked down on third party payment processors and watched to see where the money flowed to…if they don’t get it through taxation they’re determined to get it via forfeiture laws. The business model of the cartel includes a margin of error and acceptable losses just like dept stores have shrinkage margins…when they take a hit they scream and bluster but in the end if it falls w/I the margin it’s all good and they’re happy to be the focus to allow adult filmers free reign to continue generating content for their leisurely enjoyment 😉

  38. Can anyone explain why this guy deserves a post congratulating him? Purely because he dislikes the industry?

  39. Not Jewish myself but I would have to agree on the embarrassment to Jews remark, Jamie.

    I will respond to Erik’s post here as well, I think Jilted made that remark about congratulating Izzy Hall in a tongue-in-cheek manner. Jilted does like Izzy’s voting record in the CA Legislature but the tone of the post sounds like a cross between “ha ha Izzy is back to fuck with porn some more” and “that lucky mother fucker, he must be made of Teflon”. As for my opinion if Izzy Hall died what I would deposit over his grave wouldn’t pass for flowers.

  40. Thanks for the offer man I am pretty sure I have it I have maintained relations with Sam as well as Ali though we dont speak as much as we used to Do wanna say insider you are a welcome addition here Thank you!

  41. While the post is prolly to some degree congratulatory (It isnt my post) I think more than anything it points out that Assemblyman Hall’s work on bringing safe work environment regulations to porn was not the political suicide that Mark kernes and others would have had you believe. While Dr Hall and myself don’t see eye to eye on many things I have found that he is a very reasonable person and is willing to work with the industry to accomplish goals that really do need to be set. I think working together is a far better solution than The FSC policy of stomping feet, calling names and claiming first amendment immunity.

  42. I have trouble thinking this guy is singular in any of the things you just pointed out and yet he is pretty much the only politician talked about on this site. You have copy and pasted his press releases several times with no editorializing and are now just putting up a commenter saying congrats to him for moving up the power ladder. It’s just weird that just this one politician gets play on your site. I also like the notion that because his policy lines up with you it is seen as some sort of noble compromise.

    Spent thousands of campaign contribution dollars going to Kentucky Derby and listed it as “legislative research”. Seems worthy of this sites unwavering, cheerleading support. I’m not saying he’s terrible, I don’t know enough, but you have given him a completely non-critical platform and seems obvious that the reason is purely that he agrees with you on one thing. And just because some dude was wrong about it hurting his chances to go to a higher position doesn’t mean it was somehow good or gainful. Read any article and you can tell he wasn’t in some close race where every issue was highly debated and scrutinized.

  43. @erik2690

    If you read my comments you’ll see I speak about many politicians and judges…Gatto got quite a bit of attention from me last summer as did many of the Assembly & Senate members with committee votes on AB1576. Not living in CA as it nears election time I tend to focus politicians more directly related to issues affecting my daily life.

    If you take a peek at recent post on 9th circuit ruling you’ll see I mentioned porn friendly judge kozinski.

    Not sure how familiar you are with California politics…IG the guy Hall is replacing was bagged last January but hung on till his outright conviction which got postponed conveniently till just days after election…allowing him to collect his salary & perks till he has to resign per legislative body rules. Point I was heading to is that California has rampant problems with politicians accepting paid travel so I’m much less concerned with those that are reporting vacation expenses as legislative research vs those that aren’t because they traded favors for all expense paid trips to Hawaii, Paris etc in exchange for future favors ala committee votes.

  44. Mike, IMO attempting to work with Izzy Hall (Izzy is the common short name for Isadore, using it is not an attempt to insult him — we all know I am capable of better insults than that anyway) is worth a try but if he continues to insist on mandatory condoms it will just prove my point that he is trying to run porn out of CA. I support condom optional (it has worked for Kink and Vivid for years now) and producers paying for testing (a $25 charge for producers accessing test results for each performer on the day of the scene with talent paying nothing would work IMO, thanks Lurk for the general idea) but with the problems inherent in using condoms on set a condom mandate just isn’t workable. Maybe Izzy would be more amenable to a compromise if Weinstein weren’t in the picture, I don’t know. However, I strongly suspect this is a moral crusade to eliminate the porn industry in CA disguised as a safety campaign, if that is the case then we have a problem in Sacramento. Also, certainly someone(s) at Cal-OSHA is/are using ambiguous law meant for the medical field to justify forcing condoms on performers as well, that is certainly using ambiguity in law to run porn out of the state as well. I hope Nevada doesn’t take the same path, I think if my hunch is correct and Izzy Hall and the powers that be at Cal-OSHA are on a moral crusade here the adult film industry is better off moving than continuing to fight in CA as this is costing the industry millions of dollars a year in fines and other costs and too many influential people in CA are using this to run the adult film industry out of the state. I understand not running away from problems but this one is something that porn just cannot win. It helps my position here that in Nevada taxes are about half of what they are in CA and operating costs such as rent/mortgage, permits, etc. are much cheaper as well, if the condom crusade is not successful I suspect the next battle would be an attempt to tax porn out of the state with excessive and onerous permitting requirements costing thousands of dollars per scene/movie along with roadblocks like licensing requirements for performers (with the licenses costing thousands of dollars per performer), daily VD testing and required MD/DO on set.

  45. Oh…. yes the old the enemy you know is better. A very high bar. ‘No, see this guys assholery is being reported so that means he isn’t that bad’. lol. Listen if he’s a good politician that you agree with that’s cool, but there is no need to try to spin the facts. Again, I don’t know the guy’s politics too well, I’m purely speaking to the posts I’ve seen about him here be completely uncritical. I mean this was a post essentially giving him a pat on the back for winning a barely contested election. I just think that’s odd and is being done based mostly on 1 issue that Mike agrees with this guy on.

  46. @Mharris,
    For years now, here and on other forums you have been making these ridiculous preditions, just like here,,,thousand dollar permits, a doctor on set, daily vd testing, hosts of performers suffering from condom rash, all of these ‘sky is falling’ predictions. YOU also have said several times that AHF was going to take over the testing program. Well its been two years since AIM closed and AHF has not made one single move to take over the testing,,,,,just wondering if you had any comments on that. Its been years now, so why arent they doing the testing?

    @Harris,,,,Although we disagree, and at times I am pretty sure you dont have a clue what youre talking about, BUT,,,,,,,Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Safe, New Year.

  47. Jilted, AHF making a run to take over testing may be their “ace in the hole”, what they plan on doing if nothing else works. As you can probably surmise from my comments this isn’t over. Weinstein is in this for the long haul — unfortunately — and he may come up with some tricks that even Mike or I can’t predict. Unfortunately predictions can occasionally be wrong but I don’t think my prediction that Weinstein has something else up his sleeve will come out that way — I also predict he will make another run at attempting to get his asinine requirements through the legislature again in 2015, especially with his best buddy Izzy Hall back in action (porn industry supporters such as myself are having trouble holding back screams of frustration and anger at that one, I am sure Peter Acworth will wish he had that cocaine someone left in his armory and got him arrested with while walking to the toilet to dispose of it, he might have actually wanted to try snorting it for the first time right now or at least drink a fifth of scotch upon reading the news to deaden the seething anger against the voters in LA County for putting that cocksucker Izzy back in the legislature — hell, if I were Peter I would want a whole truckload of Dilaudid along with a couple of bottles of Thorazine to deaden the pain of that one). I also predict if somehow Weinstein and Co. got their condom mandate passed and if porn companies did not leave CA in droves as a result they would next come up with something else to prod porn into leaving the state like onerous permitting fees, a doctor on set or something that I could not have predicted. Peter Acworth has already acted on the possibility of getting out of town by renting space in NV for filming so he can quickly move if the shit hits the fan, Derek Hay has also opened an office there so more than likely if a condom mandate passed and enforcement started picking up they would just move lock, stock and barrel out of CA. Steve Hirsch has also discussed moving out of CA and has already moved production out of LA County in response to their condom mandate. Just because Porno Dan can use condoms in his scenes routinely (which are much easier on performers than most such as or Evil Angel scenes) doesn’t mean all of porn can do so. Yes, Las Vegas is almost as hot as Hell in the summer (Marin County CA is much nicer to live in) but I would still film there rather than let Weinstein and Izzy dictate how I make my movies.

  48. Jilted, Lurk, Mike and everyone else reading — Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy New Year! Whether we agree or not let’s keep it relatively civil over the next year.

  49. @erik2690

    I don’t speak for Mike or anyone else…simply wanted to acknowledge that many politicians and civil servants have been discussed through your commenting hiatus.

    Was rushing earlier and knew comment was poorly worded so I’ll assume this led to your taking my reference to Hall’s predecessor as a comparison instead of the intended example of massive campaign finance and officeholder abuse California is addressing.

    Given the number of recent stitched together officeholder finance reporting changes in CA it isn’t surprise someone is being outed for reporting taxpayer/donor financed vacations. Most of the changes amount to a leaky bucket crooked politicians are touting as a solid vessel to appease voters demanding change/accountability for years of openly accepted pay to play culture in CA.

    With that said my position remains…I’m less concerned with politicians reporting vacations as business trips than those who are still operating under the radar counting on peers to excuse, justify or otherwise loophole their transgressions where the price tag is a future favor…IG a vote, burying legislation deemed inconvenient to a cash cow or some other favorable procedural rules activity intended to render voters and the public like mushrooms….kept in the dark and fed shit.

  50. To everyone:

    Happy Holidays, I hope you get to spend time with those nearest and dearest to you doing what you enjoy most!


    I promise to continue taking issue with your comments if you promise to retain your charming perspectives in the new year…I will do my best to attack your crazy ass schemes while remaining respectful to you as a fellow human…and for what it’s worth my neighbor has agreed to leaving you out of his wine for entertainment deals…if I let him play with new Lego collection 😉

  51. Congratulations, Senator Hall!!!!! I know you will do an amazing job!!!!! And Merry Christmas, sir! Come to think of it,,, Merry Christmas to all of you out there reading this!!!!!!!!!

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