Ira Isaacs To Surrender To Feds No Later Than July 12th

Convicted scat and beasiality producer Ira Isaacs appeal was denied by the 9th circuit and Isaacs, through his attorney Roger Diamond, has asked to surrender himself for incarceration no later than July 12.

Isaacs will be sent to a federal Correctional Facility to serve at least 85% of his four year sentence.

104570cookie-checkIra Isaacs To Surrender To Feds No Later Than July 12th

Ira Isaacs To Surrender To Feds No Later Than July 12th

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23 Responses

  1. Fuck that dog fucker son of a bitch.
    He needs to go to prison and let mHarris(Micheal Whiteacre)
    have sex with him in Man-love setting.
    I would say Sean Tompkins, but he’s 46 years old and
    has severe ED problems due to low testestrone and
    other drug related problems.


  2. Jamie, I guarantee you I am NOT Michael Whiteacre. I don’t even live in the same state as Michael. You can have Mike South check the IPs I log in here from if you need proof. Steph at Adult DVD Talk can do likewise, I have been posting there since before Michael even came on the scene. I also only fuck women and don’t take a strap-on up my ass so no man loving here. Ira will probably get fucked up the ass in prison but it won’t be from me. Now go troll with the kiddies, Jamie — you don’t want to troll with the big boys, I know how to play that game too well.

  3. Now that’s funny. And, as Ella once sang: It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that schwing!

  4. OMG had to stop watching…still gagging. Even trying to tell myself that it was mud wasn’t working and definitely went out the window with the pile of multicolored shit on the floor. Maybe if it were a corn-poopy or Lincoln log I’d be more willing to buy it as a special effect?

    Despite gagging I have to give the guy props for the other images included. Was kinda cool to see the mouth shapes and placement and the charmin bit was too cute.

  5. Isaacs wasnt the guy that did 2 girls 1 cup though he often gets credited with it. The thing that got me was why he didnt take a plea that would have given him almost no jail time when he had the chance. He cant possibly think that he would be acquitted, that would open the gates for porners to start doing scat porn and with the amount of ass to moujth in the biz these days its pretty clear that the shit would would explode everywhere pardon the reference….

  6. Also can we can the billy is margoild, mharris is whiteacre kind of stuff it aint so and its also obvious that Yurizan aint Yurizan beltran I can deal with a certain degree of humorous trolling but lets not get carried away I dont want this to turn into what lukeisback did

    Ty yall

  7. Guess it’s true…a picture is worth more than a thousand words?

    In our house we generally talk about shit everyday. As three y/o grandson asks for a wipe he is fascinated with the many shapes, forms and colors of shit. Despite the many terms we’ve come up with it still seems impossible to convey that image with words.

    Lol…no shit- he just ran to “poop” …will it be pellets, Lincoln log, corn, red pepper poop or soupy poopy? Doesn’t matter cuz we won’t be eating or simulating that shit for consumption.

  8. Wondering if “Independance Day” on July Fourth will have new meaning for him beyond a great opportunity for a send off party. Can think of some great party decor 🙂

  9. Read the case on PACER and have to agree with the confusion about plea. Can only imagine that he was willing to do the time in a federal facility for the chance that the constitutional arguments didn’t work out.

    Ty for pointing out that he didn’t make the you-tube. It’s still very creative.

    Ps…want a fan for your reference?

  10. He told me that he only used actual feces in the beginning, when he didn’t know any better. Then he found a recipe online that (if memory serves) was peanut butter, vinegar, aspiring, oregano and cocoa. You want it to taste bad so the models are fooled and gag. He said the real stuff was too hard to work with — sticky, smelly, etc. Either way, gross to me but nothing to go to jail over.

  11. @mikestabile –
    If he used fake ingredients to make fake “scat,” then this outcome is bullshit.

    I thought he was just plainly using 100% real shit or something?
    Now, I’m confused? Was he using real shit or not?

  12. According to the girls involved it was NOT fake on the ones he was convicted on. He also went down for distributing beastiality videos

  13. That explains why YOu aren’t producing scat simulated with peanut butter, vinegar, aspiring…wtf that is is….anyway….oregano and cocoa.

    Re the taste…never considered how taste would/could affect the performers into simulating reality which absolutely ascertains/maintains my early statements…I haven’t a clue about what goes into or how to produce a movie…policy is my Schtick.

    Re going to jail….it would seem Ira Issacs and the defense he stood by negate your opinion since you aren’t producing real or simulated scat via the proscribed recipe movies.

  14. Real or fake/simulated it doesn’t surpass the constitutional rights violations via the bill of rights his attorneys argued and were defeated on.

    Regardless of how anyone would play it in hindsight…reality is that he played it this far and society said fuck you and those ideals.

    People forget that the Bill of rights was formulated to protect a class of people who emigrated to protect themselves and their families from the monacharchial tyrannical rule of law they left behind. Oligiarchy isn’t much different.

  15. “I only fuck women.” Matt, you’re nearly 70 years old, bipolar, and probably diabetic. Be honest for once, you haven’t had a sexual partner since the ’90s.

  16. I dunno about mharris but Im 56 so I aint that far from 70 and I reaquiant myself with the fact fact that pussy is still pink every chance I get

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