Ira Isaacs Obscenity Conviction Is Upheld

A 3 Judge panel from the 9th Circuit court of appeals upheld the obscenity conviction of Ira Isaacs today.

He is currently out on bond but any chance he may have had to get the conviction overturned is now pretty much wishful thinking. He may request an en banc hearing of the full court.

Most likely he is headed to jail.

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Ira Isaacs Obscenity Conviction Is Upheld

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13 Responses

  1. Kinda like monopoly…at least he got to pass go collect his 200 before handing it over to lawyer and still no chance or community chest get of jail card. Who knows maybe he passed got a really good card and can take it to will someone explain why writing SCOTUS autocorrect tries to make scrotum?

  2. Who in the hell even uses the word scrotum?

    “I can’t wait for you to get here so I can suck on your scrotum…”

    EWWW… reminds me of old man balls…. hahahhhhahha.

  3. Ewww…till ya popped that visual out it was just a word and damn you autocorrect….now I’m seeing dimpled ass cheeks and low riders…thanks for the diet aid 😉

  4. I could work with testicular… scrotum? Not so much…
    I never realized how much that word kinda freaks me out.. wow. You learn something new every day!

    I’m willing to bet there are porn titles out there that include the term scrotum, but I’m not looking it up… hahaha.

  5. While I hate to see anyone go down on an obscenity charge, I have to say that rulings like this are actually good for the industry. You would think that any prosecution would be bad, but it’s not how it plays out.

    Simply put, we now know that scat is obscene in a true legal sense in the US. The size of the porn playing field is pretty large, but we now know without a doubt that scat is “out of bounds”. So even if you can’t see the lines on their field, you know where there is a little out of bounds flag.

    The case against Max Hardcore is sort of the same. It put a flag “over there” that said what he was up to was obscene. It defines another area of the field where we should not or cannot play.

    So you don’t need and special technology anymore to see the edge of the playing field, each time this happens things get clearer. Put the cock in a condom, stay inside the lines, and legally you are in good shape.

  6. I remember a time where BDSM ala what most of the sites on do was considered obscene. I used to have to go to dumpy porn shops and prove I wasn’t a cop before I could get the latest issue of Rope Burn (they were kept behind the counter as they were considered highly illegal to sell). Heck, if I remember right Hugh Hefner was prosecuted once for obscenity (he won the case). An obscenity prosecution indirectly cost Larry Flynt his ability to walk as some asshole (probably a cop in disguise) shot him in the back on the courthouse steps and severed his spine with the bullet. Larry also got sued by Jerry Falwell for a parody Campari ad printed in Hustler Magazine where Jerry supposedly fucked his own mother in an outhouse with a goat and some flies (the ad parody is on Wikipedia, read it sometime as it is funny as hell) — Larry won that one giving filmmakers the right to parody whatever they want. Things are slowly liberalizing, in 25 years people will be thinking Ira got a raw deal and someone will create a new site called where every scene features a cute nubile 21 year old chickie having her mouth used as a toilet (no, I don’t want to see it — scat is gross IMO).

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