I Stopped By The Local Video Store Today

I asked the manager how business is, her reply:

“It sucks, the price of gas is killing us and to make it worse you have all these idiot porn companies releasing 2 DVD sets and sometimes 3 or 4, don’t they know what they are doing to themselves and to us when they do that shit?

A guy used to come in here to rent 2 or 3 DVDs now they rent one that has 2 or 3 DVDs in it, it’s hurting my revenue, we have started to offer those for sale only now so where we used to stock 4 or 5 deep now we just buy one or two and dont rent them, only sell them.”

The store owner agrees:

“Its not just that either, its these guys that insist on putting six or eight scenes on a DVD, you dont need that many, what you need are good quality scenes.  You know who gets it?  Fucking Max (Hardcore) gets it three or four good scenes on a DVD leave the customer wanting more that way he rents more, I make more and Max sells me more.  For Gods sake Mike let those idiots out there know they are putting us out of business with this shit.”

They read my site, beyound that I don’t have any control over em…but you got your request…Is anyone in Porn Valley listening?

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I Stopped By The Local Video Store Today

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  1. Thank You, Thank You Mr South

    What you said here is the unadulterated truth.

    Please listen to us Porn Valley, we don’t need more and longer porn, we need shorter and better porn.

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