I Made The New York Times

Over the years I have developed many contacts in the mainstream media, I know that can be a slippery slope but my experience has been that if you are honest with them, they are honest with you.  Adrien Chen, Charlie Gasperino, Katie Van Sycle and Richard Abpwitz are all example of people who have not just been honest and fair but have earned my trust. The one publication that I won’t have anything to do with is Radar Online, they fucked me too many times, they would lift stories word for word and not only not credit me, they would call it a Radar Online Exclusive…..

When I got a call from Katie Van Sycle informing me that she is now a Senior Editor at The New York Times, I congratulated her and when she proposed a story on Stormy Daniels I was willing to participate, I was assured that it wasn’t a hit piece and that it was a story on the industry reaction to Stormy Daniels and her story.

The story ran Yesterday and can be read Here

When I read it I was pleased, it wasn’t salacious and it treated Stormy and everyone else in the biz like we are normal people, a refreshing change from how mainstream normally treats us.

Yes I watched the 60 Minutes Interview last night with Stormy Daniels, I was struck that it too was well done.  Stormy needs to be recognized for how perfectly she handled the interview as well, this wasn’t the pseudo coy Stormy we saw on Jimmy Kimmel, this was the intelligent, direct and no BS Stormy that we all know and love…Well done Stormy.

Unfortunately the New York Times couldn’t link to this site but as usually happens it does boost the organic traffic.

For the record, I fully support Stormy and hope that she gets to tell her story, nothing against Trump I don’t think he is doing as poorly as I thought he would even though he did sign that abomination of a funding bill…He will pay for that, but I digress.  Stormy should tell her story and the world should hear it, I am a big fan of transparency.




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I Made The New York Times

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  1. Congratulations, Mike. Very nice piece on Ms. Daniels, who I agree was treated with dignity and respect. And, nice to see you back in the news and writing online.

    Hope your retirement is going well.

  2. thanks BT I pop in from time to time and its kinda hard to ignore this whole stormy thing….hope you are well old friend…do stay in touch

  3. Congratulations Mike! Nice to be in the NYT even better that the article was cordially written. As always great to see you popping in to post.

  4. Congrats for your mention in the NYT article. Now maybe they will hire you to write a weekly column for them. They can call it “Stripper Stories” or “How to Fuck a Porn Star”.

  5. I commented to the wife at the time of reading, a day or two before you commented here : “You know that porn gossip site I’m always talking about? Well, he’s someone the mainstream press goes to get quotes for porn. He got quoted in this article, which is impressive because he really never seemed to like her that much, but it’s the perfect quote and anecdote….”

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