Going on a Month Down

PWL is going on a month of being down so I figured I’d give everyone an update.

I’m still submitting the urls to google for removal and resubmitting when they are denied and google is denying way more now than they are removing.

On the plus side Attorneys Alan Geldbard, and Jeffery Douglas are helping, the plan is to legally force google to remove all of the links.  I will keep you posted.

I’m in Dayton for a couple of weeks visiting my friends and conducting a little business.

I should have some goofy shit happening here and some new stripper quotes….God love em.



54140cookie-checkGoing on a Month Down

Going on a Month Down

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  1. Enjoy the trip, Mike. Now that Donkey took down PWL (and the Mark Spiegler site he made was also down a couple of days ago) you can relax and have some fun. Make sure to have some videotaped fun with a few of the more attractive strippers while you are in Dayton. Since you are on vacation, you may as well document the debauchery and maybe even sell DVD’s/WMV video of it.

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